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  1. Unit Weight 9 lb (4 kg) Shipping Weight 11 lb (4.9 kg) CERTIFICATIONS/RATINGS • CE, Class B • UL Listed • Meets NEMA Type 1 standards RECOMMENDED CONTROLS Coaxitron ® or Matrix Refer to individual spec sheets for information. MPT24DT Desktop control for 24 VAC pan/tilt. MPTAZ24DT Desktop pan/tilt and zoom lens control wit
  2. The PT-1015 pan and tilt is a small size PT unit with a load capacity of up to 10 kg. Many advanced control features, absolute position, angle set and readout, Pelco D extended commands protocol, continuous rotation option, variable speed in 64 steps, set and goto presets, worm gear for self lock and stepmotors for high precision 0,2 degree
  3. 2B Security is the market leader in pan/tilt solutions, we can offer you a wide range of units with advanced features like continuous rotation, built-in RS-485/422 interface, Pelco D/P protocol, absolute position support, Pelco extended protocol, position feedback, slow and high speed control for long range applications, high precision, variable speed control
  4. Pelco's iconic Esprit® Series positioning system provides best-in-class image quality and pan/tilt performance. Esprit Enhanced provides the total package of impressive image quality, valuable software features, and time-tested pan/tilt performance suitable for any installation environment
  5. The PT-1010 pan/tilt is the smallest pan tilt in our product range and the pan tilt are designed for rough applications like vehicle mount. We call the extra strong design REF or Reinforced. The mechanics and gears are designed extra strong and gears are damped with internal rubberrings. The pan tilt is IP68 enviroment rated, are.
  6. AH2000 Manually adjustable pan/tilt head for use with EH5700, EH8106, and EHX*E Series enclosures PA2000 Mount adapter for PT520P, PT520SL, PT570P, PT570-24P, and PT680-24P pan/tilts PA2010 Mount adapter for PT1250DC, PT1250P, PT1280P, PT1280SL, and PT1260EX heavy duty pan/tilts ST1 Support strut; for use with WM2000

Preset pan/tilt must be used with Coaxitron or matrix control with PP capability and preset receiver. MPTAZ Series Desktop pan/tilt and zoom lens control with auto/random scan for 120/230/24 VAC pan/tilts. RECOMMENDED ENCLOSURES EHX*E Series Explosionproof enclosure Pelco, the Pelco logo, and other trademarks associated with Pelco products referre Check the box to the left of Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ). Click OK. Ensure that Included items either (a) specifies the permission applies to All cameras, or (b) the individual camera in question is listed. Restart the PTZ priority service. Follow the steps outlined in Lessons Learned entry 11759. Final steps. Reboot the encoder From our VideoXpert video management platform to our industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, Pelco is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality IP video security products and systems that make the world a safer place. Video. Management

Pelco has evolved our VMS platform to enable, empower and support our customers with a new solution for any application. The foundation of the portfolio is the recently introduced VideoXpert video management system, whose intuitive design gives security professionals exactly what they have been looking for: the video information they need, the moment they need it so that they can make timely. The PT-2020 high precision pan/tilt is a medium size unit with a load capacity of up to 20 kg. Many advanced control features, absolute position with angle readout, Pelco extended protocol, variable speed, presets and motorized lens control. The pan/tilt is designed for high precision <0,1°, with worm gears for self lock and wide range of. unit and the pan/tilt for shorts, high resistance, or opens. 3. If the control cable is good, reconnect it to the control unit but not to the pan/ tilt. Replace the fuse and operate the control unit. If the fuse blows again, the fault is in the control. Refer to Figure 3 or 4 for the following steps. 4

PT-1015 small pan and tilt with advanced Pelco position

Pan/tilt positioners for PTZ cameras, antennas and other

Besides Pelco-D, Pelco-P is another popular PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) camera control protocol used in the CCTV industry. which doesn't really help. Then there's this thread where a user says that. D Protocol is a type serial protocol of sending/receiving data from the controller to camera for the pan /tilt and zoom functions This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn mor The S4 Tech Rugged Low Profile Pelco ® -D. Pan Tilt Zoom (RLPP-PTZ) unit is a high performance low-cost low-power option for OEM camera manufacturers and system integrators. The low profile unit provides two centered and balanced side mounts with up to 20lbs load capability. The RLPP-PTZ utilizes the Pelco-D The pan/tilt can be integrated over IP / real time serial command interface and can be controlled with standard or custom protocols. Modular design enables you to carry payload on top and / or on side of the pan/tilt. It features nx360° rotation with sliprings designed to carry video, power and control signals for a variety of payloads

Esprit Enhanced - PTZ Camera Pelc

  1. The CM9760-CDU-T code distribution unit is a 16-channel RS-422 transmit-only (2-wire and ground) distributor. It was designed a s an accessory of the System 9760 ™, but can be used with any system that uses RS-422 serial communications. The CDU will primarily be used to install pan/tilt and dome receivers in a star'' configuration
  2. Alibaba.com offers 1,025 pelco pan tilt products. A wide variety of pelco pan tilt options are available to you, such as network, sensor, and video compression format
  3. To convert the power to 24 VDC: Remove the three 1/4-20 nuts and washers that hold the pan and tilt section to the base of the unit. Lift the pan and tilt section from the base, and carefully unplug the electrical connector. Remove the transformer module from the base by loosening the four Phillips screws and lifting. The module out
  4. What is the CM9760-CDU-T Code Distribution Unit? For normal PTZ control; all Pelco PTZ cameras use RS422/RS485 2 wire connections. The ONLY reason to use a 4 wire connection is for application specific instances when the controller (Head End System) needs positioning information from the camera
  5. DP (ASCII, Binary), Pelco-D Host Interface RS-232 (DB-9 female connector) RS-422/-485 (RJ-12connector), Ethernet Networking Control of multiple pan/tilt units from one or more host computers. Multi-drop RS-485 network using RJ-12

View and compare different models and products of Pelco Pan Tilt Systems. Pelco, Inc is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of security products like Video Surveillance Pan Tilts and Video Surveillance. Use the detailed technical specifications and product datasheets of Pelco Video Surveillance Pan Tilts to select the right product to fulfill your security needs 3500 Pelco Way, Clovis, California 93612-5699 USA USA & Canada Tel: (800) 289-9100 • FAX: (800) 289-9150 International Tel: +1 (559) 292-1981 • FAX: +1 (559) 348-1120 www.pelco.com TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODELS PT570P Medium duty pan/tilt, 120 VAC PT570P/PP Medium duty pan/tilt with presets, 120 VAC PT570-24P Medium duty pan/tilt, 24 VA Pelco offers the broadest selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. From our industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermal imaging, explosionproof and more, we offer a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application

PT-1010 small pan/tilt with RS-485 - Pelco D or DC driv

How to Troubleshoot PTZ Control Issues

Pelco • 3500 Pelco Way, Clovis • CA 93612-5699 USA • www.pelco.com Inspect the pan/tilt unit every six months to ensure trouble-free operation and an extended product life. Harsh environments and/or continuous motion applications may require more frequent maintenance Relay Interface Unit; Scanners; UTP; Video; Video Decoders; Video Encoders; Video Encoders/Decoders; Video Recorder; Sarix TI 2 Pan Tilt; Sarix TI Fixed; Sarix TI 2 Fixed; DS ControlPoint; DS NVS; DSSRV; DSSRV-2; ENC5516; DX4104; DX4500 4600; DX4700/DX4800; Pelco Corporations. 625 W. Alluvial, Fresno, CA 93711 View Map +1 (559) 292-1981.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pelco PT1260EX/PP Explosion-Proof Pan & Tilt Unit PT1260EXPP (700880021767) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Pelco EH4722-1 22 Indoor/Outdoor Die Cast and Extruded Aluminum Enclosure, Heater & Blower, 120 VAC $471.13 Pelco PA2000 Medium-Duty Pan/Tilt & Scanner Adapte

The Pelco PT270-24P is a small, light duty motorized Pan & Tilt unit suitable for use with lighter and smaller, latest generation CCTV cameras. Its compact form also makes it a good choice for applications where discreetness or space limitations are a factor. With a maximum load capacity of 15 lbs (6.8kg), this P/T will accommodate most camera. Installing the Pan/Tilt Unit 1. Verify that the power module seal is properly seated in the groove on the top of the power module. Figure 7. Factory-Installed Power Module Seal 2. Attach the pan/tilt unit to the power module. a. Align the pins on the pan/tilt unit with the holes on the power module. b INDOOR, FIXED SPEED. 24 VAC INPUT, 24 VAC OUTPUT FOR CAMERA POWER AND PAN/TILT OPERATION. WEIGHT 3 The IRD/ERD2000 Series receiver operates all of Pelco's fixed speed pan/tilts and domes. It replaces the non-preset models in the CX9000RX/RXI Series receiver. This receiver offers removable screw terminal connectors for quick and easy installation

Pelco's ES41 Esprit® SE Positioning System features a receiver, pan/tilt, enclosure, and either an Integrated Optics Package (IOP) or a pressurized Integrated Optics Cartridge (IOC) in a single, easy-to-install system. Options include IOP or IOC models with or without wiper. The ES41 Series includes a window wiper information. Preset pan/tilt must be used with Coaxitron or matrix control with PP capability and preset receiver. MPTAZ Series Desktop pan/tilt and zoom lens control with auto/random scan for 120/230/24 VAC pan/ tilts. RB115 Relay box for 120 VAC pan/tilts. Extends operating distance (control to relay box). Use only with MPT24DT or MPTAZ24DT lo

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  1. Next click the icon for the video input the Pelco is attached to - Set 'Pan Tilt Serial Port' to 'COM1 - Pelco' - Click Save. That will complete the PTZ setup. Troubleshooting: If the Pelco DD5-C will not PTZ then try the following: - Check the RX+ and RX- cable connections to make sure it is secure - Recheck all the parameter settings
  2. 1. Distance (A) from control to pan/tilt is the same as distance from relay box to pan/tilt. 2. Maximum operating distance can be extended by using a low voltage control (24 VAC) and a relay box. Distance (B) from control to relay box is the same for all applications. 3. Distances are calculated with both motors (pan and tilt) running an
  3. Pelco 1260EX Heavy Duty Pan/Tilt Unit Very good condition- used as demo unit for security company. Some sticker residue on right side of unit where a sticker was removed. PT1260EX Explosion-proof. 120 VAC operation pan/tilt for loads up to 100 lb(45 kg) Meets NEMA Type 4X Standards, 120 VAC Operation, Rugged Construction, For Use in a Variety.
  4. um alloy constructio
  5. An 8-position joystick controls the pan/tilt functions with up, down, left, right, and simultaneous pan / tilt combinations. 8 momentary push-button switches control zoom, focus, iris, lens speed, and auto /random select. An output pin for a Pelco scanner allows auto scanning when the unit is either in the random or auto setting
  6. Choose DirectShow if your USB or IEEE-1394 camera has PTZ capability (one popular example is the Logitech Orbit). For Network IP cameras, there are a number of manufacturer-specific protocol options from which to choose. If you have a Serial port PTZ device attached to your camera, select the appropriate COM port, logical unit ID and protocol (either Pelco-D, Pelco-P or VISCA)

CCTV Pan & Tilt unit Technical Datasheet The VSPT250HD is an Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt unit designed to be used in coastal and long range surveillance, vessels and any industrial application which require the motion of PTZ cameras with large zoom lenses or other heavy loads The PTU-E46 is a family of miniature pan-tilt units that provide accurate real-time positioning of cameras, lasers, antenna, or other small to medium payloads. Compact (3 tall) Light Weight (3 lbs.) Rugged. High Duty Cycles. Built-in Ethernet/Web IP interface for easy configuration, control, and diagnostics. Pelco-D support RS485 Pan Tilt Stand Analog CCTV Camera Wall Mount Electronic Bracket Pelco 2400 $29.46 $31.01 previous price $31.01 5% off 5% off previous price $31.01 5% of

These units have 117VAC Gear motors driving expensive worm gears that pan the unit at about 6 degrees per second or tilt at 3°/S. You need 4 relays connected to a ULN2003, ULN2803, or discrete bipolar transistors or mosfets (don't forget the back diode) drivers to connect to the GPIO port on a microcontroller or PC parallel port Pelco's ES40 Esprit® SE Positioning System features a receiver, pan/tilt, enclosure, and either an Integrated Optics Package (IOP) or a pressurized Integrated Optics Cartridge (IOC) in a single, easy-to-install system. Options include IOP or IOC models with or without wiper Pelco PT506-24DT CCTV Pan Tilt Controller. Unit powers up and appears to be in good working and physical condition but I am unable to fully test it. Case has some scratches and blemishes. See pictures. Inventory Location: 00K013CO The PT680-24P is a medium duty outdoor pan/tilt designed to accept a maximum load of 22.7 kg. The unit is factory prewired for feedthrough of the motorised zoom lens, camera power, enclosure power and video signals. The PT680-24P features rugged worm-gear final drive assemblies to minimize backlash and prevent wind drift

350 degree 24V AC cctv accessories Outdoor heavy duty Pan Tilt unit Model no. PT303 Input voltage 24V AC 50/60Hz ,110VAC 60hZ,220VAC60Hz Appearance Dimension Ø190x275 Weight 3.5Kg Rotation angle Level 350 °Tile ±35° Rotation speed Level 9°/S, Tile 1°/S Load Level 25kg, Tile 12kg Working temperature -10℃~+55℃(Model H:-35℃~+55℃) Funtion input. Pelco PA2000 UPC: 700880020029 Also known as: PE-PA2000, PEL-PA2000 The Pelco-PA2000 Mount Adaptor allows a medium-duty scanner or pan and tilt unit to be attached to a WM2000 wall mount. The PA2000 is required to adapt a Legacy Integrated Positioning System (IPS) to a PM2000/PM2010 ceiling or pedestal mount I bought several surplused Pelco PT680-24P pan/tilt units, and don't understand what I have. I have deployed many similar units, but these confuse me. 24VAC, that's a given. I have the both the Pelco Install manual and Service manual for this model number. The pan motors are what I expected: three wires, Red, Blue, Gray

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6 Pelco Manual C306M-K (4/05) DESCRIPTION The Esprit® ES3012 Series Integrated Positioning System is available as a basic system or as an ImagePak® camera and lens package. The basic system integrates a pan and tilt, camera enclosure, and receiver (camera and lens not included) The PT570P and the PT570-24P are medium duty pan/tilt designed for outdoor applications. Both units feature rugged worm-gear final drives to minimize backlash and prevent wind drift. Control voltages are 120 VAC for the PT570P and 24VAC for the PT570-24P. Optional blanket heater available to allow operation to -45 C Unit Weight 1.75 lb (0.79 kg) Shipping Weight 4 lb (1.81 kg) MECHANICAL Pan Movement 360° continuous pan rotation Vertical Tilt Unobstructed +2° to -92° Manual Pan/Tilt Speeds Pan 0.4° to 80°/sec manual operation, 100°/sec turbo Tilt 0.7° to 40°/sec manual operation Preset Speeds Pan 140°/sec Tilt 80°/se

For those 2 units I'm going to have to do the same as Guns... create my own controller with relays and a 24 volt pan and tilt controller. It should be pretty easy, my question would be do you know where I can find a 120VAC line in transformer with 115VDC load out. The requirement on the pan/tilt units are only 3 amps Alibaba.com offers 959 pan and tilt unit products. A wide variety of pan and tilt unit options are available to you Yeah, I looked at that, but it's overkill for my purposes. You see, I'm carrying these with me to a show, and this mini pan-tilt head is 8 wide. I need to carry two of these, and Pelco pan-tilt heads are built like a truck and weigh nearly as much. The Servocity units I'm looking at are made of plastic item 4 Pelco MPT24DT Joystick Control Module for Pelco 24 VAC Pan/Tilt Units 24 VAC 3 - Pelco MPT24DT Joystick Control Module for Pelco 24 VAC Pan/Tilt Units 24 VAC . $71.99. Free shipping. Last one. About this item. Condition. Used. Quantity. 2 available. Brand. Pelco. MPN. MPT24DT. UPC. Does not apply. Item Number. 164364262859

Pan Tilt unit need to be controlled using Pelco D controller Details: 1. GUI software for controlling the Pan tilt unit, using universal protocol or pelco D 2. A simulink Model for the Pan/Tilt unit Skills: C Programming, LabVIE Easy pan, tilt & zoom controls for any RS-232, RS485, RS422 VISCA, Pelco-P or Pelco-D protocol camera! Controls pan & tilt with variable speed. Uses 3-Dimensional joystick with twist control for variable zoom Configure the XProtect Input Unit Plug-in. To configure the XProtect Input Unit Plug-in in XProtect Smart Client, follow these steps:. Start XProtect Smart Client, and then click Settings in the upper right corner.. In the Settings window, click Pelco KBD300A Keyboard Setup.. Configurable actions. The XProtect Input Unit Plug-in lets you map keys on the Pelco KBD300A Keyboard to actions, or. 700880291382 Pelco Sarix Thermal Video Camera Highest Version At (30.6% similar) Every saris ti series features IPA or analog outputs in the same package and an integrated environmentally protected ip66 rated enclosure with esprit pan tilt position er, which can be controlled using systems that use Caitrin rs-422 Pelco d p protocols. , sun-safe.

PT-2020 pan tilt with advanced high percision position contro

350 degree 24V AC cctv accessories Outdoor heavy duty Pan Tilt unit Model no. PT303 Input voltage 24V AC 50/60Hz ,110VAC 60hZ,220VAC60Hz Appearance Dimension Ø190x275 Weight 3.5Kg Rotation angle Level 350 °Tile ±35° Rotation speed Level 9°/S, Tile 1°/S Load Level 25kg, Tile 12kg Working temperature -10℃~+55℃(Model H:-35. Within two hours after power-up, the entire unit can de-ice and be operational from a temperature of -25°C (-13°F) The Esprit Enhanced Series variable pan and tilt speeds range from 0.1 to 80 degrees per second in manual pan mode, and 0.1 to 40 degrees per second in manual tilt. Pan preset and turbo speeds are 140 degrees per second LonTrend pan tilt product range supports RS-485 communication and follow standard protocol Pelco P/D. As long as your camera could support RS-485 and Pelco P/D, you can control LonTrend pan tilt unit via camera interface. If your camera couldn't support, we also have controller/joystick for your choice Pelco's iconic Esprit® Series positioning system provides best-in-class image quality and pan/tilt performance. In addition to Full HD 1080p 30x optical zoom, Esprit Enhanced now features SureVision 3.0 with 130dB of True Wide Dynamic Range and low light performance up to twenty times better than the previously available Esprit HD cameras Support PELCO Pan / Tilt / Zoom / Focus protocol. Control up to 7 VISCA control cameras and 255 third party control cameras. User friendly software interface. Support RS-232, RS-485, RS-422. USB interface for easy installation. Windows and MAC OSX compatible. Compact and rugged design

Motorized pan/tilt heads for cameras, sensors, antennas

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PT570-24P Pan/Tilt unit as a replacement to the PS20-24

• Pelco-D RS-485 communication BOWLER LIGHT DUTY PAN & TILT TOPPER MEDIUM DUTY PAN & TILT HOMBURG HEAVY DUTY PAN & TILT Available in three different sizes, all units can be configured for over the top or side mount operation. Bowler and Topper heads are also available with continuous rotation PTZ controller with the Pelco-D protocol. The position of the pan and tilt is constantly registered and the camera can quickly be directed to preset positions. For safety the P&T have mechanic end stops. The unit has a built in video over twisted pair converter. This makes it possible to use and control the P&T over 600 m of twisted pair cables The camera (any composite camera) is interfaced to the built in controls and can be fully controlled from any standard CCTV PTZ controller with the Pelco-D protocol. The system can control 1 to 4 pan & tilt units with video and light control channels. The rear side of the SCU can be connected to a recorder or a monitor

What's the difference between the Pelco D and Pelco P

A wide range of Pan Tilt CCTV camera products with detailed technical specifiations are available for search and compare. Pan tilt cameras offer greater flexibility in monitoring/ surveilance as the Pan moves the cameras left and right, whereas tilt moves them up and down. Pelco ES4136-5N-X ES41 Series positioning system with wiper. AC, 24. Pan/Tilt systems like the Pelco PT270P are only the motors, no electronics. The 6-wire cable actually provides the power for the pan and tilt motors. There is a separate control box and the 6 wires run from it to the P/T head. The connector on the unit has 6 pins for the motors (the other pins are unused): 1 Preface: I've got an old PTZ camera here that uses the Pelco-D protocol for commands. You're able to set it's pan and tilt position using the 0x4B and 0x4D commands respectively. The pan command takes a number from 0 to 35999 (0° - 360° in hundredths), while the tilt command takes takes a number from 0 to 35999 as well, but 0 indicates that the device is pointed horizontally (at the horizon. units. All units also include an open collector auxiliary output that functions for two seconds before deactivating. The ES30C and ES31C Series variable pan and tilt speeds range from 0.1 to 40 degrees per second in manual pan mode and 0.1 to 20 degrees per second in manual tilt. Pan preset and turb We work on all components in the PTZ system including PTZ control units, external housings and enclosures, and video storage units. We are the only independent authorized service center for Panasonic, and we also repair Pan Tilt Zoom cameras from Pelco, Axis Communications, Moog, Vaddio, Sony, Canon, and JVC. We service both broadcast type PTZ.

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Outdoor Pan and Tilt Unit for Loads up to 80 kg (176.4 lb) Pan and Tilt Positioners IP66, maximum load of 80 kg (176.4 lb), speed adjustable pan and tilt, aluminum alloy constructio EXPT. CCTV ATEX/IECEx Pan & Tilt unit. Technical Datasheet. The EXPT is a reliable Pan & Tilt device specifically designed for Hazardous Area applications. EXPT provides full internal cabling through the integrated base junction box and can be controlled via RS485 Pelco protocol. EXPT is the certified solution that you can use with your own. Esprit SE IP. Esprit SE IP Integrated PTZ and Pressurized Camera Systems feature an integrated camera and lens, pan-and-tilt unit, multi-protocol receiver, and Sarix-based H.264 encoder. Designed and built for continuous duty, Esprit SE IP is a high-performance system offering dynamic remote positioning capabilities while remaining completely.

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Pan Speed: 10° per second: Tilt Range (Movement in Vertical Plane)-60° to 60° Tilt Speed: 6° per second: Accuracy: 0.1° Atmospheric Pressure: 80 kPa to 106 kPa: Operating Ambient Temperature-45 °C to 60 °C (-49 °F to 140 °F) Relative Humidity: 5 % to 95 % noncondensing: Communication: RS-485: Protocols: Pelco-D, Pelco-P: Communication. SD-CON3D joystick is a 3D control unit. It moves the camera Pan/Tilt as well as the lens zoom by twisting the joystick head. Other functions, like preset call, can be managed by push-buttons. Supported protocols: PELCO P/D Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Dahua, Hikvision Power supply: 12VDC (adaptor included) RS232/RS485 adaptor for P The PTU‐D100 E Series Pan‐Tilt Unit (PTU‐D100) from FLIR Motion Control Systems provides fast, accurate, and durable positioning of cameras, antennas, lasers, and other payloads. This User Manual contains setup, general configuration, wiring, and mechanical interfac

Long range IP PTZ camera with a range of 5,10,15 km rangeWireless RS 485 Remote Controller for PTZ Dome Camera (DSCBosch AN 4000 720TVL 960H CCTV IR Bullet Security CameraBosch MIC IP PTZ Camera Dynamic 7000 HD 1080P 30x IVADahua OEM HCVR7208A-V2 8 channel Hybrid DVR HD-CVI CCTV IP

KBR66 - Joystick Controller Pelco-D PAN, TILT, ZOOM, FOCUS functions IP 66 waterproof remote control RS485 communication (default ADD1 2400 bauds) Transmission speed 2400/9600 baud For camera use in extreme outdoor conditions. This Joystick has been developed for camera use in extreme outdoor conditions. The remote control is IP 66 waterproof JPTH-35PoE+ Pan/Tilt Rugged All-Weather Design. Rugged, all-weather JPTH-35PoE Pan-Tilt Head can be powered from any 802.3at compliant high power PoE+ switch or power injector. A fully integrated IP based variable speed P/T controller features a built in Web interface with virtual joystick, 17 Presets, and an Auto Patrol function DAGU HI-TECH ELECTRONIC MINI PAN AND TILT KIT sold by Jameco and other servo pan/tilt devices.* The PTZ Servo Decoder decodes the Pelco messages and turns them into commands used to control the position and speed of the servo motors. The unit can be set to a possible 63 address combinations, so multiple units can be used together Pan‐Tilt Unit (E Series) DOCUMENT CONTROL COPYRIGHT NOTICE E Series Pan‐Tilt Command Reference Manual, version 6.00 (09/2014) ©2014 by FLIR Systems, Inc., 70 Castilian Drive, Goleta, CA 93117, (805)964‐9797, FAX: (805)690‐5933 18 ‐ Pelco D Protocol.

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