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  1. It is around your first scan, 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, that babies have what is known as a 'nub' between their legs. The real name of this 'nub' is the genital tubercle and how the nub theory works is the angle of the nub can reveal whether you will be having a girl or a boy
  2. ed between Week 11 and Week 12 depending on the appearance of and direction of growth of super early fetal genitalia. All babies show a little something down there at this age, but development of the sex organs is JUST beginning to take place. In short, my opinion will always remain it.
  3. g genitalia, the body of tissue present in the development of the reproductive system that will either form the urogenital fold (developing labia), or the labioscrotal (developing scrotum)
  4. The nub angle can be seen in a profile image of the baby. Look for the angle of the nub compared to the baby's lower spine. This side view is called the sagittal plane (pronounced SA-ji-tul), and so the angle of the genital tubercle in this view has been termed the sagittal sign. 1
  5. The Nub Theory is based on the hypothesis that you can predict the sex of your baby based on the angle of their genital tubercle. All babies have a genital tubercle or 'nub' between their legs that develops between 11-13 weeks. According to this theory, the angle of the nub will indicate whether a baby is a boy or girl
  6. Nub theory explained by a doctor Nub theory is to do with what we can potentially see on the 12-week scan, says our expert GP Dr Philippa Kaye. The purpose of the 12-week scan is a dating scan, to check how many babies we have in there, and that there is a heartbeat. They're not to going to look at the genitals at all

What is The Nub Theory? The Nub Theory is as much a theory as evolution is a theory, you can't argue a nub, it's the infantile version of the genitals, it's both labioscrotal fold and the dense nerve endings that become the clitoris or the head of the penis Combining Ramzi, Nub and Skull Theories improves accuracy If you want to purchase this package, but are less than 12 weeks pregnant, we will analyze your earliest scan for Ramzi Theory, and simply reply to our correspondence and attach future scans in our email for fast and convenient processing of the Nub and Skull Theories Aww congratulations, what a lovely scan picture, your nub does look flat though with how baby is lying. My scan was 12 weeks 2 days and I believe the second picture shows the nub. It was clear on the screen though that there was something on the top of the nub A nub looks like a tiny nub (lol) basically pointing out from the bum area of baby. Looks like a little tail xxx have a look on www.in-gender.com x thanks hun i can see the bum area clearly on my.. Nub theory revolves around something called the genital tubercle, which forms early in pregnancy on the lower abdomen of your baby. Eventually this tubercle, or nub, turns into a penis in male..

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The nub theory is a medical method used by professional healthcare physicians to get an early prediction of your baby's gender from an ultrasound. The term nub theory came from the analysis of the Nub. A Nub is also known as a genital tubercle, i.e., your child's indeterminate sexual organ A nub is your baby's genitals in development. The genital tubercle bump (nub) will start to develop from around 8 weeks in gestation, this can be seen via ultrasound from as early as 9 weeks. However, accurately assessing your baby's nub is not reliable enough until the 12th week The idea is that you can use your dating scan (which determines your due date) as a tool for predicting the sex of your baby. From around 12 weeks to 14 weeks you'll be able to clearly see your baby's nub, also called the genital tubercle Have you tired the strictly nub theory group on Facebook. They have a really high accuracy rate. I posted mine on there and got about 20 odd replies, all saying boy. This is my 12 week boy scan so you can compare. Looking at them both, yours looks a bit flatter so may indeed be a girl (told you I was rubbish

The nub theory works on the basis that from 12 weeks, boys' genitals (or the genital tuber, as they are not actually properly shaped bits and pieces at this stage, and both sexes will have a little tube- like protrusion) will be angled differently to a girls', and so by carefully examining your scan picture, you can work out the sex The nub theory, also known as the angle of the dangle, looks at how your baby's spinal cord and genital tissues are forming at your first pregnancy scan

Nub theory advocates believe that if you've got a little boy, the tubercle, or 'nub' will be aimed upwards. Conversely, if you're expecting a little girl, the nub will point horizontally. The 12-week-old fetus is very small, so to be able to see the nub on the scan, the baby has to be at a good angle when the images are taken by the. What is the nub on a baby scan? Both male and female start forming their genitalia in the very early weeks after conception, but it isn't until 11-12 weeks that the differences can be seen. Although outward genitalia isn't fully formed until after 16 weeks, the angle of the genital tubercle can be seen from 11 to 15 weeks to determine gender Hi, Had my scan at 13+1, got a few images. One looks very girly to me and I can't work out the others. I posted on a nub expert FB page and majority said girl, until I posted another picture and then lots said it looks like the nub is stacked so must be boy Each baby has a little nub of tissue called the 'genital tubercle' which will develop into a penis in a boy, or a clitoris in a girl. This is where the nub theory comes in. It's believed that the way this nub points, as seen on an ultrasound scan, can tell you whether the baby is a boy or a girl

The nub theory is the theory used to decide whether you are having a boy or a girl. Often called the 'angle of the dangle'. Boys angle upwards and girls lay flat, This is a FACT and not a theory The nub theory has increased accuracy the longer the gestation. A scan at eleven weeks may not reveal anything, at twelve weeks gestation the nub theory is approximately 75% accurate and just one week later at thirteen weeks it's thought to be around 95% accurate Nub theory is based on the idea that it's possible to tell which type of nub your baby has using a scan image from 12 weeks. Why can't I just find out the sex of my baby at my first scan? Nub development is a gradual process, and it's a real challenge to see which way the nub is developing in your first trimester

The nub theory is all based around the angle of your baby's nub. If the nub is pointing upwards, at an angle of more than 30 degrees to the spine, the baby is likely to be a boy. If it's pointing downwards, straight out or upwards at an angle of under 30 degrees, the chances are you're having a girl Nub Theory???: I had my 12 week scan on Friday. All is looking good, so we were very relieved!! However I really wanted to get an idea on gender in regards to the 'nub theory'. I have attached a photo, but to be honest it isn't very good. None of my pics were very clear, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is too hard to tell. Yet I thought I would ask, just in case someone. An ultrasound scan is necessary to determine the sex of your baby using the nub theory in the first trimester. The nub angle is visible in the profile view of the baby. The angle of the nub is compared to the baby's lower spine. The side view or profile of the baby in an ultrasound image is known as the sagittal plane Our Nub theory page offers guidance and examples on how to understand your babies nub on your scan image. However, the Gender Predictors can assist you, if you're unsure on how to read your scan. Accuracy ratings increase much nearer to week 15 (99.6% males and 97.4% females). Above all theories, this is the most popular choice by our customers

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During this ultrasound scan, sonographers are looking for the distinguishing signs of the different genitalia. With a female baby this can appear to look like three white lines. With a male baby, it is often possible to observe the penis, testicles and scrotum at the second trimester routine scan. What are the 3 lines on an ultrasound Mar 5, 2020 at 5:24 AM. @jrhudgins2015, skull theory actually isn't as accurate until around 20 weeks and by that time, you can usually tell by potty shots. Late riser is my best guess! I'm having a girl and my children's skulls are all very similar. The big difference between them at that gestation was that she was not near as.

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What Is A Nt Scan : ELP's confrimed boy nub pics, interesting selection! - The scan is done by a..We are only unit in north india who are accredited to perform the first trimester down syndrome screening according to the standards laid down by the fetal medicine foundation uk The information provided in your readings is The Nub Whisperer's content and opinion! We are not giving medical advice . Current accuracy for Nub theory drawings are updated each month. worldwide currency accepted, PayPal I Debit/Credit cards I GDPR compliant Subject to copyright© 2021 by The Nub Whisperer's . registered company number 1330766 Inquire if the technician can use nub theory at around 11-12 weeks. The gender tubercle is a body of tissue that indicates the formation of the genitals. This is commonly referred to as a nub. If the nub is angled upward, the sex is likely male. If the nub points straight out or down, it is more likely female

For my 11+6 scan I had a mixture of boy and girl guesses with most girl. The nub is long and forked. Everyone keeps saying it's too early and has time to rise. So when is it best to have a nub guess? I went on to have 13+3 scan but I can't really see a nub which is so frustrating Like the popular Nub Theory, you need an ultrasound scan photo to try the Ramzi Theory. But this method only works if you have a scan before you are nine weeks pregnant. This is because it uses the placement of the placenta to help guess your baby's gender and if you're past nine weeks it is considered too late to use Ramzi's theory, as it is impossible to tell where the placenta. ABOUT. Using The Nub Theory, we can accurately predict the gender of your baby by assessing the infantile version of their genitalia. We can also confirm the gender after your gender scan, by looking at the genitals in what is commonly known as the potty shot. We will offer a full refund if there is no gender visible Jun 28, 2015. Messages: 70. Likes Received: 0. No, it wasn't right for me. I was convinced after my 12 week scan from looking at the nub and skull that I was expecting another boy, but I had a 16 week gender scan last week and I'm definitely expecting a little girl. #3 louisa2008sash, Jul 27, 2017

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The nub techs came back with a 90% chance it was a boy but in fact been to two scans the last one being 20 week scan who told me it's in fact a baby girl I just knew in my heart that it wasn't right and what they had reported as the male nub, was in fact the baby's thigh bone as confirmed by a professional sonographer The nub techs and gender pros did all predict a baby girl too, I have updated the nub whisperer and informed her of baby being a boy but haven't received any reply as of yet. I sent my 12 week scan photo and was told that baby is a girl and I had my 16 week gender ultrasound yesterday where they confirmed baby is a girl! You also provided.

The Fetal Gender Nub: How To Learn Your Baby's Gender at the First Trimester Screening. Kudos to people who can wait until the birth to find out if they are having a boy or girl. The feminist in me feels guilty about this, but I never wanted to wait that long. The key is scheduling your scan towards the end that window A scan at 12 weeks is around 75% accurate and at 13 weeks it's closer to 95% accurate. How accurate is the Nub Theory, exactly? Based upon studies, the accuracy increases with gestational age. At 11 wks, the accuracy is only approx. 68%, while at 14 weeks it is 98% accurate Find out the gender of your baby with thenubwhisperers from 12 weeks with my current 99.0% accuracy!* using Nubtheory (side gender) With 9 years of experience from many platforms, including gender clinics, The Nub Whisperer's also preform early gender scans with 100% accuracy (covid depending

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Amazing experience from the nub techs. Predicted a baby girl on my nub theory and I've just had a gender scan and it's been confirmed baby girl. They are very accurate and professional, also very reassuring. I love the fact celebs/influencers have used them, this just goes to show how truly amazing they are I asked The Nub Techs to predict my baby's gender using my 6 week scan image Ramzi theory (75% confidence) and my 12 week scan image Nub theory (90% confidence) and both times they gave me a detailed illustration of their predictions. I can confirm that they were 100% correct both times. I have a confirmed baby GIRL! Fast service & would.

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Email your scan pictures today Find our Pink Or blue Click on Email Above . The nub theory is 94% Accurate Scan pictures can only be submitted from 12weeks Upto 16weeks to get a accurate a gender prediction . Package includes detailed drawing of nub prediction. We can predict your baby's gender from as early as 5 weeks using Ramzi method or from your 12 week scan with the highly accurate Nub Theory. Posted on Jul 25, 2019 Gender sway packages available now in our shop 12-week scan. If you're pregnant in England you'll be offered an ultrasound scan at around 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is called the dating scan. It's used to see how far along in your pregnancy you are and check your baby's development. The scan may also be part of a screening test for Down's syndrome Gender scan. Potty shot examples of a Male and female - The Nubologists. Saved by The Nubologists. 22. Gender Predictions Baby Gender Prediction Ultrasound Gender Nub Theory Ultrasound Sonography Creepy Facts Photoshoot Ideas Gender Reveal Tools The 'nub' method of gendering works from 12 weeks, when a woman has a dating scan to work out how pregnant she is and when she's due. The fetus's genitals haven't fully developed at this point, so you can't tell the gender by looking between their legs, but some people believe you can tell by looking at a 'nub'

The 'Nub Theory' is a second view to add more certainty when checking baby's gender. We need to angle the probe to get a true mid line sagittal view which is the same as a good profile shot - focusing attention at baby's bottom we scan from side to side. At Beautiful Beginnings I have adopted having these 2 reliable methods to check. The further into your pregnancy the more likely you are to be able to use the Nub Theory, if you are scanned at 11 weeks, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the genders. A scan at 12 weeks is around 75% accurate and at 13 weeks it's closer to 95% accurate

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sarah i had a scan at ten plus three (the one on my profile pic) and the nub was quite obvious on that it starts to shrink From twelve weekd and is prettty much gone by 14. i think its really reliable and personally have yet to se itnbe wrong, not saying it's never ever wrong but ive had no personal experience of it being wrong i tha makes sense. baby HAS to be side on like in this pic and you. It is obtained by looking at a profile view of the fetus (known as the midline sagittal plane). There is a nub at the end of the spine, called the caudal notch. If it is pointing downward at a 10-degree angle, then the fetus is a girl Hi guys. We've just had a scan and measured at 11 weeks 4 days. The sonographer said it was quite a good picture to assess the nub theory. I'm thinking maybe boy, but wasn't sure as it did look like two lines alongside each other

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The nub is the bright white line near baby's bottom. And this is a girl nub!!! It's parallel instead of sticking up! That is still just a guess at this point though... it could very well be a boy nub in disguise. How far along are you The NUB. A new crewmember is a Non-Useful Body, or NUB. He or she uses our limited supply of space, water, food, and oxygen. Submariners scan the horizon through periscopes aboard the fast. All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice

The anatomy scan is about much more than finding a penis. The ultrasonographer will look systematically at your fetus to be sure that all is developing normally. This is the time when congenital malformations are detected. Some congenital malformations found on routine ultrasound include:. Area Code Map. Fraud Number is dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of American phone numbers. You can either click a state on the map or select one from the Area Code List to view all the problematic phone numbers Angela Crout-Mitchell A human respiratory system. There are several reasons the lungs may develop nodules, small bumps on the surface of the pulmonary tissue, including cancer, tuberculosis, or a fungal infection.These lesions are typically found by imaging tests such as x-rays, MRI, and CAT scan exams. In most cases, lung nodules are non-cancerous and can be handled easily by treating the. If you are so eager to find out your future baby's gender that you can't wait until the 20 week scan, which clears up any doubts, you should look into the nub theory.. This is the concept used to describe an alternative way to predict your baby's gender at just 12 weeks pregnant (yes, you read it well!). Such a theory is based on checking the forming baby's genitals between the weeks 12 to 14.

The 12-week scan is usually just about determining whether your baby is healthy and growing as it should be and although the sex organs are well developed, it's usually too soon to see them at 12 weeks. Some people however believe in nub theory, which suggests you can determine the gender of your baby from that first ultrasound photo by looking. The nub itself is a genital tubercle that appears in the first trimester and will develop into either a penis or a clitoris. Interestingly, in the those early weeks the nub kind of looks like a. Hiya, I think if you want to know you're best bet would be to let your OH out of the room first after your scan and then ask the sonographer. We weren't planning on finding out the sex of our baby but during the scan I asked the midwife if she had seen what we were having and she said she only looked if the parents wanted to know what they were having as there was ltitle point otherwise so I.

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At 11 to 14 weeks both genders have a 'nub', a penis like shape between the legs. They look very much the same except for the angle, with a boy it will point up from a 30 degree angle of the spine and a girl below that. So finding or guessing it out this way means the best way is for baby to lay as flat as possible This is sometimes called nub theory. Using this method, the sonographer looks at whether the tubercle is pointing up toward the baby's head, which indicates a boy, or whether it remains flat or points down, indicating a girl. A 2016 study looked at the accuracy of such tests. The researchers found that out of 672 cases, sex. In this new window that comes up, at the bottom is a drop-down menu titled Device Usage, you can disable it there. Alternatively if you install whatever drivers/control center from IBM, there should be advanced options for the trackpad and nub in the control panel. DHS Odium on July 2007

In the above picture, the nub theory isn't pointing up more than 30 degrees from the spine, so believers in this theory would say the scan showed a little girl. In the above picture, the nub appears to be at a much steeper angle from the spine, indicating that this could be a baby boy Jul 16, 2011. Messages: 4,877. Likes Received: 0. I think this is right, flat down nub = girl, sticky up nub = boy! It's all to do with the angle, and yours looks to be angled flat. I am just guessing though, someone else might be better! Nub theory: will a dating scan show the sex of my baby? What is an echogenic intracardiac focus (EICF)? Can I have a nuchal ultrasound if I'm expecting twins? When will I have my first ultrasound? What is a 3-D ultrasound? Why do I need a cervical length scan? What is a chorionicity ultrasound? What is a placental lake In a girl, the genital nub will become the clitoris and labia. You can see the genital nub on a scan image - but during the first trimester, the sex is really hard to see, and it can often be. It is said that if the nub is 30 degree up from the spine or higher it is a boy, but if it's under that or straight it's a girl. Girls nubs are also forked at the end where as boys are stacked and have and extra bit on top of their nubs. A Nub is located in-line with the baby's bladder

Gender Scan. You can find out the sex of your baby during a scan that is performed to check that your baby is healthy. We can tell the sex of the baby at the 12 week scan by assessing the direction of the nub. This is something that can be identified on babies at this stage and if it points vertically then it is likely to be a boy Nub Theory. The Nub theory, also known as the angle of the dangle proposes that the gender of a child can be known by analyzing the nub angle and shape. During the early stage of pregnancy, a major feature in male and female fetuses is a genital tubercle which develops into the male penis and the female clitoris in later stages

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You can also see that her nub looks forked at the end. Some people think this means it is more likely that it is a girl, but a fork can be seen in both genders. If you get your scan at 11 weeks. There have been developments in the theories regarding gender prediction including the Nub Theory and Skull Theory, although, Dr. Ismail theorized that there was a relationship between a baby's gender and where the placenta is formed. By looking at an ultrasound image, you can see the location of the placenta within the uterus

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Anatomy Scan Results. We had our 20-week anatomy scan a few weeks later and got the ultimate confirmation. Baby is definitely a BOY! Baby had all working parts. 3-Vessel Cord, all heart chambers, kidneys, brain function, and fingers and toes! We're so in love with our baby If you wanted a different perspective and increase your chances of being accurate, pair the skull theory with the 'nub theory', which relies on the angle of the nub (between the legs, formally known as the genital tubercle) to tell the sex of the baby. All you need is your 12-week scan phot Hi ladies welcome back to my channel! In this video we have our 12 week nuchal scan with baby #2! Social media INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/corrin.. Obvious gender 12 week scan: We were not going to find out the gender but, well with all these nub photos I feel like I now know the gender. Any chance this can still be a surprise lol Quite obviously a boy nub. Then again some pictures confuse me, is this even the nub seems HUGE - BabyCenter Canad

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Here at Early Glimpse we specialise in the very accurate and scientifically proven Nub Theory. From as early as 12 weeks gestation using your scan images or videos we can accurately determine the gender of your baby with up to 99% confidence. You will receive a detailed report of our findings along with a professional, clear diagram and. I'm going to guess a girl here...not sure if that white line to the left of what looks like the foot is the nub. If it is, it's horizontal to the body which means girl Check out the nub theory on the internet What the 12-week scan allows you and your doctor to see: but they only appear as a small nub between the legs, so you'll need to wait until the 20-week anomaly scan to determine if you're having a boy or girl. In summary, the 12-week scan only takes 15 minutes. It's a fun time to lie down in a peaceful, dim room and enjoy the first. Define nub. nub synonyms, nub pronunciation, nub translation, English dictionary definition of nub. n. 1. A protuberance or knob. 2. A small lump. 3. The essence; the core: the nub of a story. nub′by adj. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English..