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Matching Furniture Colors with Dark Wood Floors Here are some other ideas to keep in mind when matching furniture with dark flooring. Light furniture. Light wood furniture on a dark wood floor offers a striking look. The best choices usually are furniture that is just a few shades lighter in color than the floor What furniture goes with dark wood floors? For the most harmonious look, choose wood furniture that matches the warmth of your floors but is a few shades lighter. For instance, pair grayish or black wood floors with pale, weathered woods, and pair warm, rich floors (like the ones shown here) with warm medium- to light-toned woods like cherry or. Feb 29, 2016 - As a Designer I am always asked does dark floors work with light furniture. Look below and see for your self. Also, I always add an area rug to bring color into the room. See more ideas about house styles, house design, house interior

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Light wood furniture on dark wood floor

  1. Mixing Light & Dark Wood Furniture. Tonal contrast, which is variance between shades of dark and light, is a central tool in art and design. Some would describe it as the principal tool, so light.
  2. g a vibrant light wooden floor. Strive to be consistent. If the floor is dark, then your furniture should be light and vivacious. Trying to mix contrasts between similar.
  3. Dark Wood Floors vs Light Light Hardwood Floors: The Pros! #1: Natural look: Depending on your stain and type of wood, lighter hardwood floors can give a more natural, organic look to your space. #2: Hides dirt & light-colored debris better: Depending on the color hair your pets have, or any other type of debris you find on your floor, light hardwood floors will hide light-colored debris.
  4. The light hardwood floor contrasts with the dark colors in the furniture and the wooden ceiling. The blonde colored hardwood flooring in this traditional living room balances out the sheer dark curtains lining the windows

The dark wood is continued throughout the furniture. While many dark wood floors tend to have little variation in color, these have an almost gray and featherlike woodgrain. Bamboo flooring is considered a hardwood floor, although bamboo is technically a grass More than a dozen custom variations and sizes are available to be built on your lot. From this spacious 3,000 square foot, 3 bedroom model, to larger 4 and 5 bedroom versions ranging from 3,500 - 10,000 square feet, including guest house options. Entertainment cabinet, floating shelves - webuser_949028430. Save Photo Mixing a dark wood (like ebony) with a light wood (like lime) will always look chic and intentional. If you're starting with a wood floor and are adding new wood tones (a table, chairs, etc. Marble, white, bronze and wood. Dark wood floors in the kitchen can be very chic. Keep the overall effect elegant and light by balancing the dark floors with white cabinetry and walls, warm bronze metals and wood accents just a few shades lighter than the floors. Gacek Design Group Inc, original photo on Houzz. Bright hue plus white

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Title: dark wood floors beautiful 24 nice best area rugs for living room. Description: dark wood floors unique 50 lovely dark grey hardwood floors graphics 50 s of dark wood. Via: accroalamode.com. Title: what color furniture with dark wood floors grey walls with dark A light or bleached wood floor bounces brightness around a room and adapts itself to most furniture choices.Light wood is less dramatic than dark wood underfoot, but allows you to create drama with the props you add. Go Zen with all-natural materials in light woods, linen and cotton upholstery, pale or neutral colors and clean lines for a spare, serene space Light Gray. Light gray furniture. The typical characteristic of the dark wood floors is a strong, warm ambiance, and sometimes, it can become too intimidating. To reduce and balance it up a bit, light gray can be the best option. As a cool-toned shade, light gray can neutralize the warmth of the dark wooden floors and create well-balanced spaces Light Wood Floors. Light hardwood floors look amazing especially when staged with dark furniture and can give you space a traditional feel. Light color wood also has a couple distinct advantages over dark wood floors. First, light wood floors tends to show less dirt, and second it is less likely to show scratches than its dark wood counterpart #4. Dark Wood. You can choose dark wood furniture if you have dark hardwood floors. It will create a cohesive and coordinated look. Suppose your living room has dark hardwood floors, then you can keep a coffee table, legs of your greyish couch, and a TV unit dark wood in color. Place a greyish rug below the coffee table

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  1. what color wood floors for dark furniture? Judy Miller. 5 years ago. Just bought black cherry leather sofa and recliner. Walls of living area are light beige, black granite around fireplace with white mantel. Should hardwood floor be light or dark wood? Living room is approx 14 x 14. Sort by: Oldest
  2. Title: 17 meilleur de what color cabinets go with light wood floors ideas. Description: light brown cabinetsith darkood floors maple floor binations kitchen wood cabinets with light wood kitchen cabinets. Via: grvars.org. Title: love the contrast of white and dark wood floors by simmons estate
  3. Cherry wood furniture features a deep-colored wood that gets darker with age. Natural cherry, when first cut, is actually a light wood with a reddish tint that slowly cures to the colors that most people associate it with. Cherry wood stained furniture is a dark reddish-brown. Therefore, cherry wood furniture can vary substantially in shade
  4. Lets your decor shine: Light hardwood is subtle. If you want a classic, polished floor that will allow your signature furniture pieces, lavish decorative style or fun patterned wallpaper to shine, this may be the better flooring pick for you. Dark Hardwood Floors. Dark hardwood flooring is among the most popular styles. Its polished, rustic.

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  1. g, decorating a room with a light-colored floor is virtually foolproof. They'll work with most wall colors and furniture styles, so it's very hard to get things wrong
  2. Wall Colors That Work Well With Light Hardwood. Light hardwood floors are a popular choice. They don't show every spec of dirt, which many people appreciate. If you have concerns about a dark-colored floor making your room appear too somber, you can keep the floor light in tone to make the atmosphere bright
  3. Placing dark wood furniture on light floors and vice versa can make the wood of both pop. Using similar wood, dark on dark or light on light, will cause your furniture to blend in more with the flooring. This can be remedied by using a colorful or patterned area rug to break up the unified wood tones. The contrast between light and dark has a.
  4. Plus, the dark color of the furniture often compliments their dark wood floors. They want their rooms to feel more light and bright while retaining the traditional classic style. Luckily, there are many ways to freshen up these bedrooms and give them a completely new look and feel
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  1. Dark wood floors in the kitchen can be very chic. Keep the overall effect elegant and light by balancing the dark floors with white cabinetry and walls, warm bronze metals and wood accents just a few shades lighter than the floors. Bright hue plus white. The key is to balance a big splash of color with plenty of white, and keep other colors to.
  2. What goes with dark wood floors? The lighter wood furniture, fluffy white rugs, and crisp white walls here provide contrast to the dark wood floors without appearing stark. Match furniture legs to the floors. Rich wall color and kilim rug. Dark rug, light walls. Marble, white, bronze and wood. Muddied hues and layered textures
  3. Dark wood floors look fantastic with light wood cabinetry, too. But before you go all in, let's talk about some of the drawbacks of going dark on your flooring. Dark hardwood floors show scratches, animal hair, and dirt more, so unless you're pet-free or have a housekeeper, prepare for a lot of time spent cleaning up if you want to keep.

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  1. Light colors are also very flexible and can work well with light or dark furniture and upholstery. But, in some environments, light floors may be too bright. By reflecting sunlight up into the room, light colored hardwood can sometimes create a brightness is best balanced by dark upholstery, curtains and wall colors
  2. Rich, dark woods abound in this tastefully appointed home. The use of the same dark wood for the floors, stairs, accent wall and ceiling trusses create a space that is both regal and comfortable. The use of cream-colored furniture to match the painted walls creates balance and allows the wood floors to shine. Hardwood Floor in Family Roo
  3. Whether you're working with a rustic home decor style or a stripped down modern look, mixing dark and light wood furniture and frames is a tried and true way to make your space feel lived-in. Visible, natural wood grain highlights the quality and beauty of the materials for a luxe look that's still casual

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Dark floors vs light pros and light wood floors with furniture the downsides to dark hardwood flooring dark floors vs light pros and cons the. Pics of : Light Hardwood Floors With Dark Furniture Tips for choosing dark hardwood floors. Here are the key things to consider when selecting dark hardwood floors.. Oh, and in case you have questions about dark vs light hardwood flooring, check out this article. Also, you can click on most of these pictures to get more info about them. 1. Plank widt Wood flooring in medium orange contrasts with Black linen furniture, as well as complementary wall colors which include medium blue-gray and green-gray, which are dark enough to reduce the heaviness of black furniture but also light enough to provide tonal contrast. Placing Curtains in black and gray also adds a pop of color I went from a very dark stain to a wood-bleached and very light wood look. It is very similar to the wood bleach dresser makeover that I just shared with you the other week. The only difference this time is that I used lime wax after the bleaching to take out the pinkish tone of the cherry wood

Jun 28, 2021 - Light and bright wood floors perfect for any space. See more ideas about light wood floors, wood floors, flooring Light Hardwood Floors. Light hardwood floors have maintained a long-standing rivalry with their dark colored counterparts, and of course have many proponents in both the homebuilding and interior designing industries. The trends seem to be shifting towards this timeless and traditional floor color. Many homeowners love this easy-to-work-with floor Dark wood floors tend to offer a more warm, dramatic and rich look that can result in a bold overall feel in a room.Dark wood flooring should be paired with proper wall colors, furniture, and general decor to make a dramatic statement and to ensure that a room doesn't end up appearing too dark or cramped. Dark flooring can have a tendency to make a room look a bit darker and/or smaller, so. Black furniture has visual weight, so it's important to balance it with light or medium wood flooring, which comes in two types: red oak and white oak. Though stains determine wood flooring's.

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Great contrast with other decor - A dark floor made of hardwood can be complemented with a wide variety of colors schemes, both on the walls of a room, in the wood trim, and in the furniture and accessories. Bright colors and light colors pop when contrasted with dark and usually it looks absolutely fantastic What color rug should i use for dark wood floors answered decor s what color furniture goes with dark wood floors home decor bliss dark floors vs light pros and cons the flooring dark wood floors tips and ideas you should try dark wood floors tips and ideas you should try pin by serena hinkel on home painting dark wood floors living room design colors

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Like, if you aren't already a pet owner when you acquire your dark wood floors, you may not want to become the pet owner of an animal that sheds light colored fur. Dark wood floors covered in light brown dog hair is NOT a good look. Also, keep your home as dust free as possible. Dust on the dark wood floors shows up quite well When using light wood floors to match dark kitchen cabinets, make sure that your materials are coated well with stain or a sealer to protect it. Clear finishes may be used to give light wood floors a more white color while oil based stains can be used if you want to add a slightly yellowish tint to natural wood flooring's color

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Therefore, light flooring becomes the best option for small or poorly lit rooms. In addition it looks great in different styles and there is a great choice of colors - white, beige, sandy and light gray shades, etc. The most popular wood species for manufacturing light hardwood floors are oak, maple, ash and beech With enough light, just about any room can pull off a dark hardwood floor. If the room has limited natural light consider lighter hardwood options. Wood floors made of oak, ash, and bamboo are good ways to create the illusion of a larger, well-lit room. Bamboo is a fantastic sustainable option to consider when choosing from lighter wood. Why we chose light wood floors. November 5, 2015. One of the first things we chose with this reno was how we would finish the wood floors. A lot of y'all have asked about the floors you've seen in pictures and what we chose. We went with very dark floors in our last house. I did love the contrast of the dark wood with all of the white walls For instance, pair greyish or black timber floors with pale, weathered woods; and pair warm, rich floors (like the ones shown here) with warm medium- to light-toned timbers. The lighter wooden furniture, fluffy white rugs, and crisp white walls here provide contrast to the dark wood floors without appearing stark and help brighten the interior Combine light gray floors with lighter, neutral-toned furniture and accents for an instant beach house style. Cream, beige, silver and sage go very well with light gray wood floors. Camel tones also work very well with a light gray-washed floor, and they impart a shabby-chic, vintage look to a space

As compared to light wood floors, the dark wood floors do not fade. As wood is a photosensitive material, the darkening or lightening of wood is more visible in case of light wood floors. Dark wood floors are less susceptible to color changes. Elegance. Dark wood floors are sophisticated and add a sense of security to the home Choosing dark wood such as mahogany, walnut or African Jatoba creates an overall luxurious feel to your home.2. Reasons for a Dark Stain. Dark stained floors can provide the perfect backdrop for your light colored walls, furniture or cabinetry The combination of dark/black floors will blend with light color furniture and increase its effect. It is also significant that the when you decorate the floors in dark or black hardwood, you need to take extra care of them, or the shine of floor will get destroyed over a period of time. The best thing to do in this situation is to cover the. Wall Colors for Light Hardwood Floors-Light wooden floors vary in color, contingent upon the wood species, recolor - if there is one - and sealant. Since floors and walls are two of a room's biggest surfaces, the color of each ought to supplement the other

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Cats sharpen their claws on furniture, while dogs scratch floors when they run about. But this doesn't mean you have to lose your petsor your wood furniture and floors. Instead, choose Old English Scratch Cover in Light Woods or Dark Woods and apply to areas that need surface blemishes camouflaged and conditioned Yet dark hardwood tends to show scratches even more. This is because most hardwood species are lighter in color, and stained to achieve the dark wood look. When a scratch is placed on the surface, it takes away the dark pigment, allowing the lighter wood to shine through. If you want dark floors, understand they will take more maintenance Original Resolution: 600x412; Dark Floors Vs Light Floors Pros And Cons The Flooring Girl Large primary bedroom with light wood floor and shag area rug.. 580x765 - Unfinished hardwood flooring has no stain or protective layer applied and must sapwood is the wood near the outside of the tree and is usually lighter in color, while the darker • wood flooring performs at optimal performance when. Dark floors can be complemented by a variety of furniture colors and styles. Choose wood as in the photo above, and also consider metal to create a contemporary look. To keep your spaces from looking too much like one of the cave scenes from The Goonies, it's wise to select furniture that's lighter. However, if you are a traditionalist, we. When you're considering dark hardwood vs. light hardwood and how to choose between them, keep your lifestyle in mind. If you have dogs or kids, you might want a lighter wood that better hides dirt and scratches. On the other hand, light hardwood also tends to fade faster in the sun, while dark hardwood maintains its color longer

If so, then dark hardwood is an excellent choice. Its association with sleek elegance makes black hardwood floor an ideal backdrop for lavish Art Deco inspired interiors, especially as black flooring can look a bit harsh if you don't pair it with sumptuous furniture and soft furnishings Dark Hardwood Flooring makes for a beautiful floor, however, Dark Flooring has downsides. Dark Hardwood Flooring is not a pet friendly flooring option. If yo.. Undeniably, dark wood floors make a bold statement. The rich tones blend sophistication with a deep and cozy sense of security. In terms of style from an interior design point of view, dark wood floors provide the perfect darkened backdrop for those who wish to create a living space that 'pops' with contrasting and complementing furniture Heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with grey to nearly black streaks and veins. Wood with this darker figuring is referred to as Black Limba, while plain unfigured wood is called White Limba. Sapwood is a pale greyish to yellowish brown, not clearly demarcated from the heartwood Floor: light wood floor. Some people love to read while submerging themselves in the bathtub or when nature is calling. If you are one of them, you can choose greige walls to create a comfortable atmosphere for reading. Pairing the tone with light wood floor can be excellent too

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Wood floors, whether hardwood or laminate, are a popular choice across homes of all styles.This versatile flooring option is a favorite for both its practicality and good looks, bringing beautiful texture and a sense of warmth to kitchens, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, and more.The natural material makes a statement in nearly any space, leaving many homeowners to wonder how to decorate. Dark hardwood floors tend to expose scratches more than light colored floors. This is due to the fact that more of the wood's contract will be revealed when scratched. Size really does matter. If you are installing hardwood floors in a small room, you are most likely looking for tools to help the room appear bigger Cons of Dark Wood Floors. Scratches are usually more visible in dark wood than in a lighter color. Make sure you add a scratch-resistant finish to the floor and use furniture pads for all movable pieces to protect from scratching. Dirt and dust will show up more clearly on dark wood floors. A daily sweep with a dust mop can keep the floors cleaner 152 Dining Room Dark Hardwood Floors Design Photos And Ideas. The modern dining room is where the universal ritual of breaking bread brings us together. The projects below showcase elegant configurations and designs that encompass chairs and tables, bars and stools, lighting, flooring, and fireplaces Dec 25, 2018 - light to dark wood transition on a diagonal. Dec 25, 2018 - light to dark wood transition on a diagonal. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

Wood Repair Kit Wood Filler Restore Any Wood Furniture, Cover Surface Scratch for Wooden Floor Table, Oak, Cabinet, Door, Veneer, Cherry, Walnut, 12 Colors Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers - Set of 13 - Markers and Wax Sticks with Sharpener Kit, for Stains, Scratches, Wood Floors, Tables, Desks, Carpenters, Bedposts, Touch Ups, and Cover Up Dark hardwood can accommodate just about any design style and is incredibly versatile. If you are a fan of contrast, dark floors paired with light furniture or cabinetry can produce a very elegant look. If you already have dark furniture or cabinets, lighter flooring may create an attractive contrast. Wide plank flooring in a dark wood can also. Cherry wood furniture goes best with dark wood floors. This can be quite expensive but worth it in terms of aesthetics and durability. Dark wood lends an air of sophistication to any space. It is easy to maintain and blemishes will not be as visible. 16 of 34 Just make sure that your wood furniture and your wood floors aren't stained the same color. Otherwise, you're back to the monochromatic mess where the eye can't tell where one spot ends and another begins. Fading from Sunlight. Another consideration is the amount of light in the room and the sources of light in the room

Light wood floors can be overpowered by heavy pieces of furniture, while dark floors can swallow up more delicate chairs and tables. Likewise, what color furniture looks good with hardwood floors? Crisp white walls work well with darker woods, but you can go with other light shades, such as light grey or cream A light-colored floor with red undertones will still match deep, dark wood furniture with the same red tones. Lean into Rustic Your floor serves as the foundation of the room, which means it influences the look and feel of everything within that space

Though dark wood furniture will work in the space, light wood can help create wonderful contrast. Look for furniture that uses pale woods like pine, birch, and unstained elm. The lighter color will break up the dark appearance of the floor while still showing off that unique wood grain you know and love Idea #5: Balance Color and Light in Small Spaces. A small living room can come across feeling 'heavy' with dark hardwood. The answer is a balancing act between the dark hardwood, color, and light. Paint the walls in light or neutral shades. Use furniture that is bright and contrasting The last but not least thing to notice from this idea is on the ground. It is the dark wood floor that looks interesting with a herringbone pattern. Unfortunately, it is not entirely visible in the picture. 9. Closing. Hickory cabinets with dark wood floors combo give you not only a beautiful, natural, and rustic appearance Here is another light and open living room interior design with a modern appeal. It features a whole large window wall, recessed lighting and contemporary furniture pieces. The floors are laid with light-colored hardwood that fits right in. Here is a more traditional living room design. It is set in red wood and contrasting beige UV Effects on Hardwood Flooring. UV light causes wood to change color, especially exotic species. Depending on your type of wood, UV exposure may lighten or darken your flooring, but most tend to darken. The effects are very evident where area rugs or furniture cause an uneven change in color. Typically, color changes occur more rapidly at.

DAP Wood Blend Sticks (get the color that matches your hardwood floors most closely. There are packs for dark wood, light wood, and red wood.) Clean, dry, lint-free cloth; S.C. Johnson Paste Wax (if your floor is not finished with glossy poly or in an ultra-matte finish) How to Fix Scratched Hardwood Floors 1. X-PROTECTOR PremiumTwo Colors Pack Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors. The X-Protector premium furniture pad is one of the bestselling and top-ranked furniture pads company in the market. In their collection of furniture pads, they offer 133 pieces of furniture feet protectors per pack Elizabeth also advocates a mix of different wood species throughout the house, such as a rift-cut oak in a contemporary kitchen with birds-eye maple furniture in the dining room and olive ash burl pieces in the living room. Even hardwood floors in adjacent rooms may vary as long as you use some transitional device to make it work, Elizabeth says A quick read of our guide to hardwood color trends will soon reveal that, while there are some diverse and adventurous trends to be seen, the traditional color brown continues to be a firm favorite across the country. Dark brown hardwood floors in particular never seem to go out of fashion, they are always trendy and still in style. There's something about the contrast between dark wood. Then, what color furniture goes well with dark wood floors? The lighter wood furniture, fluffy white rugs, and crisp white walls here provide contrast to the dark wood floors without appearing stark. Match furniture legs to the floors. Rich wall color and kilim rug. Dark rug, light walls. Marble, white, bronze and wood

15Go Dark With a Black Rug on Dark Wood Floors. Shop on Rugs USA. If you are a fan of dark colors, then a black rug on a dark wood floor can look really stylish, especially when paired with black furniture and accessories. Tip: To brighten a space with dark floors and dark furniture, paint the walls a white or off-white for contrast Wide Plank. This is probably the most obvious feature of farmhouse floors. Wide planks are anything wider than the usual 4 or 5 inch wide planks. Wide planks give a feeling that the flooring came from an old barn with wide plank floors. This feature is an unmistakable feature of farmhouse style hardwood floors. Raw Wood So essentially we just had everything ripped out and had Nebraska Furniture Mart install our new hardwood floors. We wanted something that was pre-stained because usually if you stain a hardwood floor after it's been installed, you'd have to make your family live in a hotel or else where for several days. We didn't want to do that A room's ambience can be affected by factors such as decor, furniture, wall paint, and the flooring choice. The stain color of your hardwood floors has a huge effect on any room it's in, and deciding between a light colored stain or dark colored stain is more important than you may think

Look for natural wood coloring, dark, dramatic stains or distressed wood to call out the texture. Solid hardwood elevates the quality of any bedroom piece. From sturdy bed frames to spacious dressers with drawers that glide easily, your new bedroom furniture makes a statement about quality and style A pecan stain is a good choice for a light color. You can test it first on a spare wood to see how it will look on your furniture. Bleaching Your Furniture If you feel that your new stain still appears too dark for your taste, an optional step is to bleach it. You can use a wooden bleach which is one of the best solutions for lightening wood While light oak flooring is on trend right now, dark or medium stained hardwood floors are classic, and have a traditional vibe that's equally appealing in its own right. Assuming that you have a hardwoods with a neutral brown stain like Provincial or Dark Walnut, choosing a wall color won't be all that difficult Check out our latest collection of 25 Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture Decorating Ideas!! Checkout this beautiful master bedroom with glossy dark queen bed with black and white carpet decorated with contrast matching white furniture via. This contemporary bedroom looks fabulous with light brown wooden flooring along with black furniture with. 2021 Hardwood Floor Stain and Color Trends. Overall, there's a shift towards darks and lights (yes, the two extremes), as well as cooler and browner tones. Redder and warmer tones are less popular and more polarizing. 1. Dark and cool toned hardwoods. Yes, the trend towards darker colors keeps growing and growing

Light hardwood floors with dark furniture Light floors with dark furniture often lend a feeling of nostalgia to the room. Big pieces of wooden furniture like old chests or bureaus sitting snugly across seemingly whitewashed floorboards; that's a scene straight out of an old, favorite movie or TV show Light hardwood floors also reflect light, especially when coated with a sheen, which can literally brighten up a room. One great advantage is that lighter colored hardwoods can actually make a room look larger. On the downside, usually, light hardwoods require more frequent maintenance than dark hardwoods. Due to the characteristics of the wood. Light wood flooring comes in variety of shades, and materials, ensuring there is a combination to match your style. Birch and bamboo are great options for light colored wood floors. They come in polished or textured finishes and a variety of plank widths and lengths. Light colored wood floors can have a more natural look and feel The advantage of kitchens with light wood floors is that they can easily brighten up a room and provide an illusion of a wider space — a big plus for small kitchens. As you will see from the photos below, it is also a great companion of cabinetry and kitchen furniture of different styles and colors

For either light or dark wood floors, opt for a stylish and modern satin finish to further disguise dust and dirt. Is One More Prone to Scratches? Speaking from a durability standpoint, the color of wood floors has nothing to do with how easy it scratches or dents. But in many cases, darker hardwood floors can make any imperfection more obvious For our living room above, the Mantis furniture range is styled on dark wood flooring, showing that it's easy to mix wood colours when styling around darker floors. The mango furniture matches the warmth of the wood floors but creates harmony by going a few shades lighter. So, if your flooring tends more towards black or grey, pale and weathered wood furniture may work best but for darker. Whether you prefer light or dark hardwood flooring, Renaissance Hardwood Floors provides unmatched craftsmanship in making sure those floors will stand the test of time. For a free estimate in Tulsa, Jenks, Glenpool, Bixby and throughout Green Country, give us a call at 918-298-4477

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A colored rug is a great way to bring more light into a dark room, especially if you have dark walls on top of dark floors. Natural materials are a good option for dark wood floors. Jute rugs are a popular option, and they'll create a natural feeling in any room in your home Ultimately, color deterioration in hardwood floors is the result of overexposure from 3 things: ultra violet (UV) light, visible light and the infrared (IR) light which causes solar heat. UV light has the most impact on color change of the actual wood. Wood is extremely photosensitive - which means it reacts to sunlight Make your home #HouseProud with our ranges of beautiful, practical and affordable walnut, mahogany, white or grey painted and light oak furniture. Remember - we only sell solid wood furniture which means all of our items are delivered fully assembled and designed to last a lifetime