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Scope of records retention schedule This records retention schedule authorizes the destruction/transfer of the public records of public schools (such as those operated by school districts, charter schools, state government agencies, etc.) as well as educational service districts

Public School District Records Retention Schedule This records retention schedule is to be used by all public school districts in the Commonwealth. It is an attempt to list all records created or received by the district's central office, school board, school administration, school based decision making councils, and grades K thru 12 records retention schedule describes one or several records series, shows the length of time the records should be retained, and indicates their final disposition. Schedules are of two types — specific and general RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULES FOR SCHOOL DISTRICTS . GENERAL SCHEDULES . Implementation of the General Schedules. These general records retention schedules are issued by the Department of Archives and History, Local Government Records Office, as found in Section 39-5-9, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated, as amended. The Local Government Records. the approval of the Public Records Board. A new Schedule, or list of modifications, must be sent with the Notification Form. Specific school district records can be listed in Section 6, Miscellaneous Records. An adopted Schedule becomes the district's policy on record retention, destruction, an

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  1. The retention periods for the records of abolished offices of county superintendents of schools, some of which may be in the custody of local education agencies, are given in Part 6 of Local Schedule CC (Records of County Clerks). Use of Asterisk (*
  2. The commission manages records retention and disposal for the district. The chief duty of the commission is to establish a schedule of records retention and disposition, also known as the RC-2 schedule. This schedule lists the types of documents the district will retain and the length of time it will retain them
  3. Due to these changes, we have designed our Records Retention & Disposal Schedule, 2nd Edition (RRDS), released in April 2018. It is ideal for those who work with risk management, compliance requirements, records management and archives within non-government schools, and is designed to help promote good governance in organisations

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  1. istrative procedures for the retention and disposition of records for those offices scheduled directly by the Supreme Court, and provides for the disposition of the records of non-scheduled offices
  2. WHAT THE SCHEDULE IS. This records retention and disposition schedule supersedes and replaces a similar schedule for offices of the superintendent of schools and board of education issued in 1982, which in turn superseded The County Records Manual published in 1970. The schedule contains a listing and brief description o
  3. In this post, we outline the Retention Guidelines for Schools (RGS) as prescribed by the Records Management Society of Great Britain. The RGS outlines recommended retention periods for a diverse class of records created by schools in the course of their operations. Some of the below retention periods are governed by statute
  4. approach than others and the retention of certain types of documents may fall under federal or state law, or the law may be silent on the issue. Why Record Retention Matters . The maintenance and tracking of documents created by schools has always been important. Proper document retention is necessary in the event of a lawsuit, helps a school.
  5. This schedule generally reflects audit requirements in its prescribed retention periods, but audits are not always completed in a timely fashion. Therefore, any record required for an audit must be retained until completion of that audit, regardless of its stated retention period in the schedule

General Records Retention Schedule for Minnesota School Districts. The General Records Retention Schedule for Minnesota School Districts (no. 00-43) is available in PDF on the Region 1 (a regional computer service provider) web site. Approved in 2000 by the Minnesota Records Disposition Panel, this schedule is a revision and update of a general. Record Retention Schedule for School Districts a. General Principles b. Arrangement of Retention Schedule c. Explanation of terms Section 2 Retention Schedules Part Three Appendix 1. Year to Year Destruction Guide 2. Sources of Information on Records Management 3. Supplies Index a. To the Retention Schedules b Retention Schedules. Schedules are for all Public Bodies in the State of Arizona. These include General Schedules and Custom Schedules. Archives and Records Management Forms and Approvals. PDFs of transfer forms, disposition and destruction forms, and imaging and microfilming forms. Guidance, Standards and Statute TSLAC Retention Schedules. Records Destruction Request Form. Student Records Request. Retention Schedule for Government Records. Retention Schedule for School Districts. Retention Schedule for Taxes. Add Resource. Edit Order. Save Order

Records Retention Forms. Records Transmittal Form {PDF} {Word} - Instructions. Records Destruction Certificate. Record Request Form. Records Description and Analysis Form. System Description Form The Information Management Toolkit for Schools is available to schools free of charge using the viewer below. The Toolkit is available in MS Word and PDF format at no additional charge to members of the IRMS by signing in and accessing the library at the bottom of this page. All questions, suggestions, and amendments to the toolkit should be. GENERAL SCHEDULE #2 - Michigan Public Schools. -, This Retention and Disposal Schedule covers records that are commonly maintained by · public school districts. This schedule updates and revises the schedule that was approved on September 5, 2006. The records that are described on the attached page

be addressed by retention schedules initiated by the local government itself. By statute, the following requirements for records schedules are established: • O.C.G.A. § 50-18-99 (d) . . .each office or officer shall recommend to the governing body a retention schedule. This schedule shall include an inventory of the type of records maintaine Guidance for schools. A joint working group including members of DE, Education Boards and CCMS, has reviewed and updated the Model Disposal of Records Schedule for use in schools; which provides guidance on the scheduling of records for disposal, whether by destruction or by transfer to the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) for permanent preservation

Local Government General Schedules. Retention Schedules for County Clerk of Court Records, from Clerk of Court Manual, South Carolina Judicial Department Website (These schedules were prepared in conjunction with the South Carolina Archives.) Retention Schedules for Magistrate and Municipal Court Records, from the Bench Book for Magistrates and. For Use by School Districts, BOCES, County Vocational Education and Extension Boards, and Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers. First issued in 1988; revised 2004; Superseded by LGS-1 on 1/1/2021. Changes in Retention. Download this schedule as a PDF. The ED-1 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule indicates the minimum length of time that officials of School Districts (including. General Retention Schedules. If you have a record series listed as permanent, or it is historically significant, please contact the State Archives at (602) 926-3720 for next steps. Permanent and Historical Records The table notes the year in which a records series is created with corresponding disposition dates based on retention requirements. Records become eligible for disposition as of December 31st of the year indicated in the table (s). Below are the most commonly used schedules. Please click on the Records Series # to view the schedule in PDF format

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  1. Local Schedule SD Page 3 of 41 Local Schedule SD is also for the use of active offices of county superintendents of schools and county departments of education. The retention periods for the records of abolished offices of county superintendents of schools, some of which may be in the custody of local education agencies, are given in Part 6 of Loca
  2. The Record Retention Schedule should contain recommended retention periods for the different record series that schools create and maintain. The schedule refers to all information regardless of the media in which it is stored. Some of the retention periods are governed by statute; others are guidelines promoting best practice
  3. imum and maximum time records may be kept. l{eeping records for a time period other tha

These records retention schedules are designed to ensure the school system records are retained for as long as they are needed for administrative, legal, fiscal, or audit purposes, and that they are properly disposed of once their value to the office and the school system has passed. Adherence to the schedule is important for the efficient and. Public Schools Records Retention Schedule Records Series No. Record Series Title and Description Retention 4 LG5.1.12 Student Expulsion Records Records documenting student expulsion from school. May include incident report, statements of witnesses, police report, parental notice, student record, request for. Recipients of School District General Records Retention Schedule revised January, 2000 Enclosed for the consideration and use of your school district is the revised edition of the School District General Records Retention Schedule, which has been approved by the Records Disposition Panel

The school records retention schedule has been drawn up in response to requests for assistance on recordkeeping from Hampshire schools. This guidance is intended for maintained schools, not academies. The schedule contains guidelines on how long to keep records created an Wis. Stats. 118.125, Pupil Records; Retention Schedules for Schools and Libraries. Wisconsin Records Retention Schedule for School Districts. Corrections to the Wisconsin Records Retention Schedule for School Districts; Form Notification of Adoption for School Districts Records Retention Schedule for Wisconsin Public Libraries and Library System 201 Pa. Code Rule 507. Opens In A New Window. - Record Retention Schedules - Records retention schedules clarifies those offices that are scheduled by the County Records Committee, permits the establishement of administrative procedures for the retention and disposition of records for those offices scheduled directly by the Supreme Court, and. General Records Schedules. General Records Schedules set retention requirements for records documenting administrative and program functions common to several or all government agencies. Public Schools Pre-K-12 and Adult and Career Education 201 Local Schedule TX applies to tax records. The Texas Records is a blog published by TSLAC that covers topics related to local government records management. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission's Local Government Analysts provide consulting services regarding records retention and other records-related issues by phone, mail, and email

Appendix B: RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE STATE ARCHIVES AND RECORDS COMMISSION Public Records Division Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives Record Title and Description Retain at Agency (years) Disposition Instructions School Council By-laws P Retain Annual School Transformation Plan 5 Destro Federal Retention Schedules may apply for specific grant funded programs and projects or to support expenditures for certain district operations. Things to consider when managing your school or department's records There are basically two options and one exception for managing your records from creation to the end-of-life cycle. When it comes. official records, i.e., records that are necessary to a full and accurate knowledge of official activities. Government entities are supposed to have data retention schedules for the official records that they keep; those schedules must be approved by a statewide records disposition panel headed by the Department of Administration Records Retention As the Records Management Program is implemented Records Retention Schedules for specific Divisions and Units will be developed and made available here. The District has also adopted the CASBO (California Association of School Business Officials) Records Retention Manual to provide guidance to those Divisions and Units that do.

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Private Occupational School Licensed by the Division of Professional Licensure under M.G.L. c. 112, § 263 must retain students' records in accordance with the following record retention schedule The School Records Retention/Disposal Schedule identifies the school records that can be discharged, destroyed or disposed of, and those which must eventually be sent to Archives New Zealand. How to use the School Records Retention/Disposal Schedule

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These records retention schedules are designed to ensure the school system records are retained for as long as they are needed for administrative, legal, fiscal, or audit purposes and that they are properly disposed of once their value to the school and the school system has passed. Adherence to these schedules is important for the efficient. EFFECTIVE SCHEDULE DATE: 12/18/2020 RECORD SERIES AND DESCRIPTION SERIES NUMBER SCHEDULED RETENTION PERIOD DISPOSITION METHOD Academic Progress Records 008125 0 Years after end of academic year Non-confidential Destruction This series documents a sampling of individual students' school work. This series may include, but is not limited to. Using these Retention Schedules Records in this schedule are grouped by topic. The records under each topic constitute a records series. Each record in the series is given a number consisting of the series designation plus a number designating the order in which the record is listed within the series I - Record Retention Schedule of files relating to RTI application 69 J - Electronic Records 70-72 PART II - Records (other than those relating to establishment and housekeeping work) common to all departments 73-77 Annex -I General Financial Rules (GFR) Appendix 13 78-87 Annex - II Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (CSMOP.

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Description Minimum Retention Period Disposition Legal Citations Note Alternative High School Programs 20071060 This record series documents alternative programs for the education of pupil's at risk of dropping out of high school. Three (3) calendar years after program discontinued. If this record NRS 388.537 series contains confidential o The FERPA does not govern retention or disposition of education records. Virginia public schools, K-12, must comply with the Library of Virginia records retention schedule for public school records-This is a PDF document. (PDF) - Dec. 2014. Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) - information from USE County/Local Retention Schedules. The following listed schedules have been approved by the Oversight Committee on Public Records. Any records not listed on these schedules may be destroyed only with permission of your county commission on public records and the Indiana Archives and Records Administration.. Officials should first reference their office-specific schedule Current General Schedule Updates View and provide feedback for proposed changes to GRS, research superseded GRS, and find FAQs. Court Retention Schedules The courts have their own retention schedules. Legislative Retention Schedules The Legislature has its own retention schedules Instead, the State Records Disposition Panel will assume the governmental entity will use the most recent version of the general schedule Links to the general records retention schedules for Minnesota governmental entities, including counties, cities, townships, and school districts, are found on the Minnesota Historical Society's website at

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The records retention periods stated in the manuals are suggested retention periods only. Your local records commission may approve other retention periods. The RC-2 is the form used to submit your retention schedule. The RC-1 and RC-3 are used for disposal requests. Before any retention periods can be considered in effect they need to be. NOTES: For attendance and school census records of predecessor school districts, see the Student Records section. Other series of school records created prior to consolidation should be treated as a discrete series for each of the consolidated districts. Appropriate retention periods for these records are addressed elsewhere. 87 School Record Retention and Records Management . The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) does not set or maintain record retention schedules for school districts and supervisory unions (SU). Retention standards are set by the State Archivist within the Office of the Secretary of State under 3 V.S.A. § 117. Under Vermont' (13) Correspondence: Records that: 1. document communications created or received by an agency AND 2. directly relate to an agency program or agency administration AND 3. are not otherwise specified in the Educational Service Districts, School Districts and Schools General Records Retention Schedule (OAR 166-400) or in educational service.

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State agency records retention schedules set both minimum and maximum retention periods. This requires that records be appropriately disposed of (for example, destroyed, transferred to the State Archives) when the retention period has been met. Help us blaze a better trail. Let us know how we can improve this page The Local Government Records Act establishes the primary requirements for records retention policies and plans. These record retention guidelines are specified in the retention schedules adopted by Tyler ISD and approved by the State Library and Archives Commission. The schedules adopted by Tyler ISD include: Local Schedule GR - Records Common. SERIES NO. SERIES TITLE AND DESCRIPTION . COPY . LOCATION . CONF. TOTAL RETENTION : RETENTION INSTRUCTIONS . GSF-001 . APPROPRIATION LEDGER FILE : Record established to document specifi 1. The purpose of the retention schedule Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, schools are required to maintain a retention schedule listing the record series which the school creates in the course of its business. The retention schedule lays down the length of time which the record needs to be retained and th The Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for Michigan Public Schools provides detailed guidance about what must be retained and how long various types of records must be kept. Definition of the retention codes listed in that document can be found here

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the various records and retention periods, it can develop a records-retention schedule. That schedule lists documents by type or classification and indicates how long the school should retain records within each class. The records-retention schedule should be periodically reviewed to verify that the retention periods for each class of record ar RETENTION GUIDELINES FOR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND CHILDREN . Version 2 . This retention schedule contains recommended retention periods for the different record series created and maintained by members of the DEC (Schools, Colleges, Department) in the course of our business. The schedule refers to all informatio A Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (or retention schedule, for short) is an official document, created by a government agency and approved by the State Archivist. A retention schedule lists every type of record that the agency generates. For each record type (also known as a record series) on a retention schedule, the retention. A02-04: Executive Orders, Directives, and Bulletins Records See sub-schedules for specific retention periods. Documents the process to develop and issue official orders, decisions, and directives to agency staff. Includes background support materials, final issuances, and related correspondence

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The Records Retention Office assists students who need to obtain their school transcripts. School transcripts are legal documents accepted as proof of graduation or attendance. All educational records are protected under FERPA thus do not fall under the Public Records Law. (Please read the instructions popup page completely) Online Requests are NOT currently compatible with iPhones 6. Election Records 7. Records of Disestablished School Divisions 8. Correspondence and email C. Storage of Records D. Disposal of Public Records IV. RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSAL SCHEDULE V. INDEX It is recommended that this guide and schedule be reviewed by 2024 Disclaimer: This Guide is not a substitute for legal advice

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School census records. NOTE: The Census and Register of Students With Disabilities is covered by item no. 372, found in the Special Education section of the Schedule. If the (general) school census, covered by this item, and the Census and Register of Students with Disabilities are one and the same record, this item covers its retention. a If a record being created by your clinic is not found on this retention schedule or a Departmental Retention Schedule, please contact Records Management Services at 543.0573 or urc@u.washington.edu. For all other records, please use the UW General Records Retention Schedule. List of Section

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Records Retention and Disposition Schedules. Local Government. American Public Energy Agency - 162 (last updated 12/04/2009) Area Agencies on Aging, Nebraska - 156 (last updated 04/05/2011) School Districts - 10 (last updated 05/24/2018) Footer Column 1. Nebraska Secretary of Stat Many records are included in this general records retention schedule that will not apply to the business processes of every ESD, school district, and individual school; this general schedule is designed to provide retention guidance for records that are commonly produced by ESDs, school districts, and individual schools across the state. Thi Records Retention and Disposition Schedule - October 2011 Revision. Info. Note: This procedural directive was reviewed and revised in October 2011. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current procedural directive. This schedule describes the most commonly used retention periods

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The University policy provides retention requirements and guidance for the handling of student records. Information about individual students should be retained only so long as it is valid and useful for legitimate University business and educational purposes, or as specified in the Student Records Retention Schedule (whichever is longer) This schedule describes the most commonly used retention periods. This directive applies only to school records. Retention periods for school security, legal records, business and financial, personnel, library, and transportation records are not covered Read more on Retention Schedules. Records Series Inventory. Records Disposal. Part and parcel to a good records management program is the timely destruction of records once their retention period has expired. This pertains to the destruction of paper records as well as those that are microfilmed, have been imaged, or are electronic General Records Retention Schedule for County Auditors and Treasurers . State of Minnesota April 2018 . Date Date Dat

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You have a retention schedule based on business need with reference to statutory requirements and other principles (for example the National Archives). The schedule provides sufficient information to identify all records and to implement disposal decisions in line with the schedule. You assign responsibilities to make sure that staff adhere to. Administrative Records - General Operations, Administrative Records - Property (Facility/Equipment/Land), Financial Records, Personnel Records, Payroll Records, and School Board Records. Please note that some Series are duplicates or similar to those found elsewhere in the Local Government Record Retention Schedules the second edition of the Guidelines was in the Student Records Section of the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, which amended in order to reflect the new Manitoba Pupil File Guidelines. The Manitoba Pupil File Guidelines were designed to work in conjunction with the Guidelines on the Retention and Disposition of School Division/School The South Carolina Department of Archives & History publishes general records retention schedules for state agencies and local government to give organizations the legal authorization to retain and dispose of common records. The schedule lists permanent valuable records to be retained indefinitely and a timetable for disposing of records of non.

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The law establishes the Local Government Records Committee to review and approve records retention schedules, authorizes the establishment of regional records centers, and provides for local governments to charge a $1 document filing fee to support their records management program and fund the Local Government Records Office The Ohio History Connection (previously the Ohio Historical Society) has just released an updated suggested record retention schedule for school districts. The template for this schedule can be accessed here. School districts are not required to adopt new record retention schedules simply because an update has been released. However, the updated suggested schedule is [ It's always good practice to keep your records for one and only one year longer than recommended. Remember to destroy old records - shred paper; delete digital. Make sure your records are filed and retrievable. According to an article in RecordsNation.com, Morgan Stanley was fined $13 million in 2017 for inadequate record-keeping, among. General Records Retention Schedules. Local Government General Records Retention Schedules For use by county and municipal government agencies. Local Government General Records Retention Schedules School District Records Retention Schedules For use by public and charter schools and School District offices The record retention guidelines on the General Schedule comply with all State of Washington record keeping regulations according to the provisions of chapter 40.14 RCW. This retention schedule is reviewed and approved by the county's Public Records ommittee 2.2.1. This Schedule is not intended to cover school records, however the majority of school administration records can be managed under this Schedule. 2.3. Purpose of the Retention Schedule 2.3.1. The purpose of the Schedule is to: Prevent the premature destruction of records that need to be retained for a specified period t