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SLIPSafe Non Slip Ceramic Tile & Stone Floor Coating Treatment #1 Proven Anti Slip Formula Used by National Chains - 1 Gallon. $67.00. $67. . 00. FREE Shipping. Non Slip Coating - Floor Grip by SlipDoctors (Matte) | Clear, Roll-On, High-Traction Non-Slip Sealer. Barefoot & Paw Friendly, Easy Application. 4.0 out of 5 stars Non-Slip Coatings for Slippery Tiles. SlipDoctors stocks a comprehensive range of durable anti-slip treatments and non-slip tile coatings to increase the slip resistance on floors. Slippery tiles can often lead to dangerous slip-and fall-accidents. To protect your employees, customers, loved ones or even pets, certain surfaces need extra traction SolidStepCote #4 - Industrial Grade Anti Slip Coating for Floors (Concrete, Ceramic, VCT, Tile, and More) - Super Durable - Non Toxic - Similar to 50 Grit Sandpaper (32 oz) FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint, 100% Acrylic Skid-Resistant Textured Coating - F06565 - 1 Gallon, Color: Slat

Slip resistant tile has never been so easy, safe or effective. Quick, easy and safe to use InvisaTread is not a non slip coating, but rather a safe and effective process that works on most hard surfaces Ideal for use on porcelain, ceramic, quarry, honed stone, slate and mor Not a just a surface technique or non-slip coating, StepWise™ is infused into our top-quality porcelain tile to increase its dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF). DCOF measures how tile will perform in wet conditions. A value of at least .42 is standard for interior floor tile. StepWise™ has a DCOF of at least .60 well above the standard Non-Slip Coating for Vinyl & Laminate Floors Require a clear, water-based urethane sealer? Our effective roll-on anti-slip coating, Floor Grip, is designed to create an effective non-slip coating on vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), cork and laminate The tiles can be hazardous as someone entering quickly into the entrance way without noticing the wetness on the floor , will easily slip. There is a special non-slip coating that can be used on the floors and the tiles will be become anti-slip

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  1. When using spray cans, simply spray the substance on the tiles. When using the gallon drums, use a roller designed for epoxy-based solutions. Once the formula has dried on the tiles, the floor should be non-slip. Traction Kote 400 is also suitable for outdoors, and it comes in a range of colors, including clear
  2. Believe it or not, technology has played a crucial role in formulating the non-slip coating for porcelain tiles. The science behind the working of the chemical is that it works at the micro-level to increase the traction and hence, safety. We, at Non-Slip Floor Solutions, follow all the possible measures to enhance traction
  3. The non-slip floor coatings not only make your tiles slip proof but also adds more value to it. The distinct texture of the anti-slip floor coatings gives an exuberant appearance to your floor. The non-slip floor coatings are immensely popular throughout Australia due to its impeccable finesse and endurance
  4. Permanent Anti-slip Floor Treatment. Use as an anti-slip coating for tiles that are Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone Floors & Showers and more. Universeal Feel Safe permanent anti-slip floor treatment uses mild acid solutions to microscopically treat ceramics, porcelain and natural stone to greatly improve slip-resistance on wet floor areas
  5. Hallways and common areas in Jails and Correctional facilities are ideal for PPG General Purpose and Wear Resistant self leveling epoxy floor coatings. Add a high wear urethane to prolong service life or customize with non slip additives. The cleanable and reflective clear epoxy floor coating architects need
  6. Style Selections. Mountain Bend Camel 12-in x 48-in Glazed Porcelain Wood Look Floor and Wall Tile. ADA Compliant. Model #0783965. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 4. Style Selections. Argyle Pearl 12-in x 24-in Glazed Porcelain Patterned Floor and Wall Tile
  7. Some popular features for Flooring are salt resistant and non-slip. Can Flooring be returned? Yes, Flooring can be returned and have a 90-Day return period. What are the shipping options for Flooring? Some Flooring can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store. What is the top-selling product within Flooring

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SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating is the toughest, most durable, most anti-slip floor coating available anywhere! It'll really make your property sparkle! The below video shows close-ups of the non-slip floor coating on various surfaces. For more information, here is a SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip flyer Glazeguard® PLUS Anti Slip Coating For Tile, Vinyl, Wood, Concrete Floors And Metal. Ultra Durable, Clear Slip-Resistant Tile Coating For Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone And Other Surfaces. Glazeguard® PLUS (with CoverGrip) creates a solvent-free, virtually odorless, urethane coating with exceptional adhesion and performance properties.The. Anti slip coating is available from suppliers across Singapore. Below is a table outlining different non slip floor treatment varieties, as well suitable substrates. If you would like any more information about anti slip coating for tiles, wood, concrete or any other material in your project, our experts are here to help. Get in contact through.

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Non-slip floor coating treatments are suitable for almost all work areas. Whether it's your office, factory floor, walking paths, stairs, canteen, restaurants, workshop, club, car park or changing room - non-slip coatings provide the best solution for any type of floor. Anti-skid coatings are also for many types of flooring layouts such as. In order to avoid such mishaps, good quality non slip tile coatings are applied on them, so as to provide maximum grip and make the floor absolutely slip-resistant. The only point that needs to be considered during the application of Non-slip coatings for your tiles is to make sure that you follow all the necessary directions during the procedure Dura Grip Anti-Slip Floor Paint for Wood, Concrete, Fibreglass, Metal & Tiles - Covers up to 28 sq m - Textured Non-Slip Epoxy Coating (3.8 Litre, Clear) 4.4 out of 5 stars 38 £279.95 £ 279 . 9 Choosing a non-slip bathroom floor makes sense. With the water and moisture present in the bathroom, falls here are common. When choosing a bathroom flooring material, safety should be one of several factors you consider. Safety is also an important consideration for other standing areas in the bathroom such as the shower base floor. Of [

Non-skid floors should be cleaned by frequent sweeping with a push broom. When you need to use disinfectant, be gentle and avoid any soaps that will leave behind a residue. Mopping with a vinegar and water solution works best for most anti-skid floor coatings. Sweeping Non-Skid Floorin Textured Non-Slip Water Base Epoxy Floor Coating is 2 component water based, low voc 74% solids medium duty non-slip coating for applications in slippery or wet areas to prevent slips and falls from pedestrian and light rolling equipment traffic. This product was developed for use in industrial environments and incorporates modified epoxy. A Rubber Non-Skid Mat is the Best Anti-Slip Coating for Tiles. Not all floors are created equal. In our homes and our workplaces, we'll come into contact with a number of different types of flooring—wood, cement, linoleum, etc.—and each will come with a list of advantages and disadvantages #6 Slip Guard - Anti Slip - Non Skid - Safety Tile and Floor Treatment - Multi-Surface Coating - Environmentally Friendly Fast Drying - Clear View Product #7 Liquid Traction 193032 Non-Slip Solution View Product #8 Non Slip Spray (Clear) by SlipDoctors | Perfect for Bathtubs, Showers, Wet or Slippery Surfaces to Prevent Slip & Fall. Slippery Tile Etching Treatment contains a special, blended acid formula that microscopically etches the tile surface, making it permanently safer! After treatment, wet tile floors have an increased friction value, so the floor is much safer and more slip-resistant

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Safety and aesthetics for indoor and outdoor applications. Commercial establishments need to keep both employees and customers safe from the danger of slipping and falling on slick flooring. From elevator floors to exterior stairs to helicopter pads, our metal coating can ensure that your building's surfaces are safe and slip resistant Attractive non-skid paint colors for your boat deck, cabin floor, aluminum, metal, fiberglass, wood deck, no slip safety sure-footing solution. Super cost savings maximum coverage #200-300 square feet. All other products require a minimum 2 gallons or more to equal the same coverage. Excellent non slip coating marine epoxy bonds well and sticks. Ceramic and porcelain tile floors can be notoriously slippery. The very feature that makes tile easy to clean—its smooth, non-porous nature—also means that it is slippery underfoot. Add extra tile glazing, water, and dress shoes, and a rush to get to work can mean a trip to the emergency room instead

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Flexclean Concentrated Cleaner - 1 gal - $35.00 to $23.50 based on quantity. Price: US$35.00. Item Number: 8301. Flexclean is the ideal product to use to maintain any surface treated with one of our Anti Slip Treatments (like product no. 90378) to prolong the effectiveness of the anti slip treatment Our non-slip coating for floors are very strong and durable, our anti-slip protective coating is of industrial grade. These anti-slip coatings for floors are cost effective. It forms a non-slip coating that is tough, flexible, and resistant to scratches. It comes with a textured finish with numerous levels abrasive as well An industrial slip-resistant floor coating is typically an epoxy coating with a coarse additive mixed in to give the flooring a non-slip texture, but not all non-slip flooring textures are the same. For example, non-slip flooring for kitchens that are used commercially will require some of the most aggressive additives for texture

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Non-slip flooring can be designed by changing the structure of the material to add more texture. You can purchase flooring that is treated with an anti-slip coating or film. This coating provides a textured surface and better grip when wet. You can also apply slip-resistant sealers or paints to your current flooring The products meet the requirements of the American's with Disabilities Act and conform to UL and ASTM standards for slip resistant flooring. These non skid coating products will make any type of floor slip-resistant when wet, including tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, cement, wood, fiberglass and vinyl AS-B Anti-Slip For Slippery When Wet Floor Tiles Why risk serious injury to your family, friends and guests when there is an answer to slippery surfaces! This remarkable surface treatment microscopically changes the tread pattern of the floor tile surface to provide dramatically increased grip for bare feet and shoes We specialize in Anti Slip flooring, coating & non slip treatment for tiles, floors, stairways, pools, spas, kitchen & bathrooms. Get free quote: 0421 340 20

Dura Grip Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Paint. £69.95. 32 reviews. Ideal for Concrete, Wood, Metal, Fibreglass, Tiles & Stone. Extremely durable epoxy paint lasts a minimum of 2 years. Barefoot and paw-friendly semi-gloss textured non-slip finish. Can be applied on slippery surfaces indoors and outdoors. Every coating is protected by a 2-year. 3M Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Peelable Coating 3500. Hard, flat surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, granite, ceramic tiles, polished concrete and vinyl floors. $607.00 10L. 4. CSW Coatings Non-Slip Paint. Dust free, chemical free porous surfaces. $169.00 12L. 3. DTA Australia The best cleaning implement for bathrooms including shower and non-slip tile floor is a soft-bristled hearth brush. It is absolutely brilliant for cleaning most things, even your car, and it's very, very fast. It gets into every little crevice and around all the sandy bits on a non-slip tile floor, fast, thoroughly and without doing any damage The best way to prevent slips and falls in a workplace is to opt for an anti-slip coating. With non slip flooring, you can improve grip wear and extend the life of your floors too.. All About Non-Slip Flooring. Slip-resistant flooring creates positive traction to reduce the possibilities of falling or slipping. COF (coefficient of friction) is the metric used to measure the slipperiness factor.

502 HD Anti Slip Floor Coating is for use in areas that need a heavy duty non-slip floor coating. Perfect for factories and warehouse floor paint, for areas that have fork lift trucks and vehicles as well as foot traffic. It can be applied in one thick coat and incorporates an anti-slip aggregate to provide the non-slip properties Anti Slip Treatment is a specialised anti-slip surface treatment, not a non-slip coating. Coatings can delaminate, yellow with age, or just wear off, making the most expensive floors look worn and unsightly. A single application of Anti Slip Treatment will last up to 5 years, even under high traffic Non Slip Floors NY specializes in treating and coating all floors, bathtubs, and showers to no longer be slippery when wet. Our treatment creates a sophisticated invisible tread which makes the surface much safer when wet or dry, while our epoxy coatings offer a highly durable slip resistant option for any surface Slip and fall accidents are common with flooring materials such as wood, tile, metal, and concrete. Our anti-slip coatings are specially designed to provide your residence or business location with the right non-slip floor coating to improve traction and prevent safety hazards. Best of all, our top quality non-slip floor coatings come in a.

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What is Safe Tile™?. Safe Tile™ is a chemical solution designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels in most hard mineral surfaces, such as: ceramic, granite, porcelain, and quarry tiles or, steel type porcelain enamel bathtubs. Safe Tile™ is not a paint or a coating! The Safe Tile™ Anti-Slip Treatment system is a non-toxic treatment and combined with the Neutralizer. Non-slip flooring, like Altro, reduces the risk and dangers of slips and falls as the slip-resistant grains throughout offer excellent traction even when wet. Nursing homes, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, sports centres, pools and spas are just a selection of facilities that often use non-slip flooring Non Slip Industrial Flooring is a 100% owned and operated Perth based. We are a company with over 30 years experience in industrial, commercial and domestic resin based floor and wall treatments such as anti slip and protective coatings. Our goal is to provide first class service to our clientele throughout Western Australia

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The LOCTITE ® product line offers different industrial non-slip coatings, such as acrylic and epoxy industrial floor coatings, which offer durability and easy application. Our product line also includes non-slip coatings for concrete floors, a common flooring substrate found in many industrial facilities However, restaurant and foodservice floors are often coated in grease and oil, making them prone to slip and fall accidents. By integrating our exclusive coarse/kitchen non-slip additive, your kitchen flooring will be able to reduce slips even in slick areas, with a safe but extremely aggressive finish that keeps your workers on their feet Slip Resistance 101: Understanding Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coatings. Slip resistance seems easy to define— it is the roughness of a floor that creates positive traction and reduces the possibility of slipping and falling. However, slip resistance is actually a bit more complicated. Certain industries must pay special attention to slip resistance.


Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Master Kit - The ultimate in slip proof protection & chemical resistance. A 6 gallon pail containing epoxy resin, hardener and aggregate for the strongest possible bond and skid proofing on concrete, metal, fiberglass and more (just not tile). To apply: Simply clean surface, mix up 2 part paint, roll. The anti-slip coating creates a surface that is roughened in texture and is less likely to cause a trip hazard in a building, factory, warehouse or poolside. We regularly install non-slip industrial and epoxy flooring for commercial areas, first cleaning the surfaces then applying a heavy duty adhesive. Our protective coatings mitigate the. By coating your floor with a non slip formula, it gives more traction underfoot and helps prevent accidents. Chemsol 75 can be used on exterior ground surfaces and decks. With eight colors available, applying a Chemsol coating can make any surface appear more even and fresh while offering protection against future wear and tear

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Non-slip floor treatments are suitable for almost all work areas. Whether it's your office, home, entrance, factory floor, walking paths, stairs, canteen, restaurants, workshop, kitchen, club, bathroom, car park or changing room, non-slip coatings and tiles provide the best solutions for any type of floor. You can even make anti-slip stairs. Antel Epoxy Flooring Mortar will provide thin floor covering in situations where normal concrete or other surfaces coatings may not prove adequate. Its formulation provides excellent workability, speed of laying, excellent adhesion coupled with high strength to resist lifting and cracking as a result of impact from abrasive or heavy objects Introducing Safekote Anti Slip Floor Paint. Safekote is a low profile anti-slip paint coating which provides UV protection to wooden floors, metal, plastics, fibreglass, marble and decking. This product has an attractive, non slip, low gloss finish which is easy to clean and maintain. Safekote is ideal for Steps and Walkways, Bathrooms, Ramps. Resincoat Anti Slip Floor Paint. Model HBE022. Condition New. Resincoat Anti Slip Floor Paint is a heavy duty, epoxy resin floor coating designed as a safe flooring option for areas subject to high foot traffic such as stadiums, factories, warehouses and public event spaces. The paint is available in a range of grades from fine to coarse and is.

Anti Slip Coatings. Heavy-duty textured anti slip coatings for exterior/interior come in both clear and colour finishes specially formulated to reduce the risk of slips. It provides a tough anti-slip layer to a variety of surfaces including brick, concrete, slate, clay, pavers, unglazed tiles, sandstone, fiberglass and primed metal Rated 5 out of 5 by BigG688 from Excellent floor paint Does what it says on the tin. Excellent coverage, quick and easy to use. Found we only needed one coat so spare to top up any scratches in the future! Non slip is great as the other paint can be slippery if feet wet, so worth the extra couple of pounds

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The anti-slip coating is like an investment that adds more grips to the floor. With so many options available, you can make all areas of your place completely safe to walk on. To know more about anti-slip floor treatment and non-slip floor coating for tiles, visit www.halkstop.com Non-slip coating is an excellent addition to floors in warehouses, storage areas, firehouse floors, drive through areas, parking decks, coolers, food storage areas, piers, and docks. Diamond Plate Traction ProGrip 900 enhances the natural non slip properties of steel, stainless, or aluminum diamond tread plate, bonding with the smooth metal. At Concrete Restoration, we provide an anti slip floor sealer that is six (6x) to twenty (20x) times as thick as competitive non slip floor coatings. Additionally, the anti slip media we have designed into our system is scientifically formulated, super hard, aircraft flight deck grade quartz, which is the ultimate in anti slip flooring aggregates Traction Additives. SPARTACOTE® traction additives by LATICRETE® provide safe, non-slip floor coating solutions. Compatible with all SPARTACOTE polyaspartic, epoxy and urethane coatings, they can be used in any system to increase the traction of the finished floor while also enhancing its abrasion resistance and durability Anti-Slip Safety Flooring System, Single Component is a water-based flexible acrylic anti-slip floor and deck coating formulated for pedestrian traffic. This anti-slip safety coating is easy to apply, dries quickly, and offers optimum adhesion to asphalt, concrete, wood, and metal surfaces. It is easy to clean up, economical to use, and since.


The First Anti-slip Safety Solutions in India by Czar Lab, End your search for non slip treatment solutions for wet, slippery floors, tiles, concrete and all types wet floors. IguanaGrip® is not a coating that can wear off but, a process that creates microscopic texture on the surface and makes better traction on the surface of the tile. This chemical-based product works by etching tiles to a satin or 'hone' finish, and can be used on limestone, marble, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles and granite. The Chemical Etchant is particularly useful for large area application and is great value for money. The application of Megasealed's slip resistant flooring products is fast and. The easy solution is a garage floor paint or an epoxy garage floor coating with anti-slip grit added. The anti-skid additive is applied to the mix of the final coat in order to create a surface which is soft enough to walk on in your bare feet but gritty enough to prevent slip accidents in slippery conditions