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20 Fascinating Legends of the World. Getty Images. At their core, legends, as opposed to fictional myths, contain a seed of truth. They are born from historical events, people or real-life moments that become part of our collective cultural context. However, as these stories evolve and pass from generation to generation, they begin to flourish. Loch Ness is the alleged residence of Nessie, one of the most famous aquatic creatures in the world and whose existence goes back more than 1,500 years. His legend has grown due to sightings, due to ancient legends about water horses that lived in the depths of the lake, and by the surgeon R.K. Wilson alleged photo, taken in 1934 Another famous tale from Greek Mythology is the killing of the terrifying Gorgon Medusa from the great hero Perseus. Perseus was a demigod, son of the Olympian god Zeus and the mortal woman Danae. Perseus sought to kill Medusa, the only mortal of the three monstrous sisters

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One of the most famous Irish giants was Charles Byrne (1761-1783). He was more than 7.5 feet tall. According to legends, giants were extremely strong, but they actually weren't. People suffering from gigantism and acromegaly often have cardiovascular diseases, vision problems, and joint pains 5. Macha, Goddess of the Horses - one of the best myths and legends from Irish folklore. An old Irish legend of Ulster tells of Macha, a mysterious woman rumoured to be magic, who was forced to run against the king's horses while pregnant to pay for her husband's crimes

The Myth Stories & legends of the powerful gods and goddesses, heroes and scary monsters include short tales and fables about Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, the Gorgons, the Minotaur, the Sphinx, the Chimera, the Hydra and Pegasus the winged horse Every culture has its own urban legends, myths, or spooky stories. Insider rounded up the scariest urban legends from around the world, from Hawaii to Scandinavia to Egypt. The gjengangers are thought to be murderous ghosts that can touch people and mark them for death, according to Viking legend These ten urban legends and creepy stories from Mexico - including the famous La Llorona and Chupacabra, the not-so-famous La Lechuza and El Cucuy, and everything in between - are hard to forget, and for the murderers and ghosts taking center stage in the legend, the stories will never be forgotten. La Llorona Cries for Her Childre Mexico's Most Famous Legends. Compartir. Tweet. Jesus Malverde. Jesus Malverde is worshiped as a saint, although the Church doesnâ t recognize him as such, this cult began in Sinaloa. According to legend, Malverde used to steal from the wealthy at Culiacan Heights and gave the money to the poor. It is said he died in 1909, from a gun shot wound The Legend of Rip Van Winkle S. E. Schlosser - May 23, 2020 One memorable night, Rip Van Winkle plays a game of nine pins in the Catskill Mountains with the ghosts of Henry Hudson and his crew and sleeps for 20 years. The Legend of Sleepy Hollo


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  1. Retellings of American folktales and legends, Native American myths, weather folklore, ghost stories and more from each of the 50 United States of America. Great for school children and teachers
  2. There are plenty of famous urban legends, including Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. However, there are also plenty of local myths that have not made it into mainstream pop culture. Keep reading to find out the creepiest urban legend that takes place in your state. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories
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  4. The legend of Mulan, as popularised by Disney, is one version of female emancipation in ancient China: women sometimes had to disguise themselves as men to get things done. This also serves as the premise of a love story between Yingtai and Shanbo
  5. Chimaera - A Fire-Breathing Monster Chimaera has become one of the most famous female monsters described in Greek mythology. An aura of mystery has always surrounded this creature. (Even today, the name chimaera sometimes refers to a genetic puzzle.) Greek sailors considered it a very bad omen to see Chimaera
  6. Advertisement. 2. John Henry. Unlike a lot of the tall tales from America's formative years, the story of John Henry is somewhat based in fact. There probably really was a John Henry who was born a slave in the South in the mid-1800s. Legend has it that he was around six feet tall and weighed more than 200 pounds
  7. This is one of the great short legend stories for kids. Once upon a time, in the times that the world was still young; an old leader of the Lakota tribe found his way up a mountain. The leaders of tribes used to go to. Aug 04, 2017 by Basab Ghosh in Age 7-12. The Story Of The Phoenix

Folk Tales, Folktales A-Z, Ghost Stories, Myths, Myths & Legends, Nebraska folklore, United States Folklore A pillar of snowy salt once stood on the Nebraska plain, about forty miles above the point where the Saline flows into the Platte, and people used to call it the Salt Witch There are many Filipino folktales and famous Philippine legends that have been told throughout the years and have been taught in Philippine literature. KAMI has listed 7 examples of famous Philippine folktales stories or narratives well-suited for kids as reported by Smart Parenting: 1. The Monkey and the Turtl West Asia / Middle East. Further information: Religions of the ancient Near East. Abrahamic mythology. Christian mythology. Islamic mythology. Jewish mythology. Elamite mythology. Hittite mythology. Iranian mythology As a country teeming with beauty and culture, the Philippines also boasts of its rich history of myths and legends. Haunting in nature, most of the tales and folklores grace the halls of provinces and rural areas most especially on a Halloween season. As an archipelago, the Philippines indeed boast of its variety of stories spooky and terrifying 10 Famous Francophone Myths and Legends You Should Know. There are ancient stories of ghouls and goblins all over the world, whatever the culture. Discover 10 famous and spooky francophone myths and legends

25 Famous Greek Myths You Should Know. 1. How the world came to be. In the beginning, there was only Chaos, the god of windy nothingness, Nyx, the goddess of the night, Erebus, the god of unending darkness, and Tartarus, the god of the underworld's darkest place and the abyss The Legend of Bloody Mary is perhaps one of the most popular famous urban legends of the world. The Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane. While many people consider the story of the Headless Horseman fictional, there are several that believe that the story is in fact, based on some truth. Spring Heeled Jack. The tale of Spring Heeled Jack is a. Many famous folklore stories have been passed down for centuries or even millennia. These stories are important, fascinating, meaningful stories that communicate something about the human experience. These stories are relevant today for that reason alone, but they are also relevant for additional reasons

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The story of Comte Arnau is a famous Catalonian ballad from the 16th century. The story revolves around a legendary and lecherous nobleman from Ripollès. This nobleman committed two terrible sins. He had sexual relations with an abbess, and he refused to pay his vassals for work they had done for him Legends, Ghosts, Myths & Mysteries. From the beginning of time, people have told stories — regaling their friends and families with tales of adventure, hard times, interesting people, frightening experiences and everyday life. Sometimes these were truths, others were exaggerations, and occasionally, they were nothing more than tall tales One of the famous story of the kid in English from Indonesia, a mouse deer. A mouse deer or Chevrotains or Tragulus javanicus or Tragulus kanchil is known as Kancil in Bahasa Indonesia. When I was a kid, this story is famous, in my school or my daily activity. There are some stories about the cleverness of the mouse deer Discover the most famous ancient Greek myths. You will find below 29 Greek myths: Odysseus, Jason and the Argonauts, Theseus, the Amazons, Persphone and many more myths. Myth of the legendary Odysseus. Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, is probably the most famous hero of all times. His story is a myth with monsters, bad luck and much adventure. The.

1. The Kidney Heist. The most ubiquitous and persistent urban legend, the kidney heist story has been immortalized on the internet, TV shows, and even a few movies. It supposedly dates back to 1997, when an e-mail started circulating warning people of a new and frightening crime that was catching on in some cities June 20, 2015 October 30, 2019. 20 Mins+ Adventures Age 7-12 Chapter Books Danish Fairy Tales Fairy Tales Famous Fairy Tales Gardens Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales Magic Princes & Princesses Witches. The Snow Queen. Two friends are separated by a Snow Queen and an icy heart. May 29, 2015 September 4, 2019 Campfire Stories - Legends. Campfire legends are a special type of story that are often based on Native American lore, urban legend tales, or historical events. If you don't see your favorite campfire stories listed here, or know of a variation, please submit today Aside from the fluorescent lamp inventor, we also have different urban legends and creepy stories that we believe are true. So let's now talk about the Ten Famous Urban Legends in the Philippines. Number 10. There were people in Cabanatuan that have been secretly marked with 666

The many legends of King Arthur have captured imaginations for centuries. The most famous of British kings, Arthur was said to have defended the country against Saxon invaders and is at the centre of numerous tales, achieving mythical status in Britain. Arguably the most famous of all tales is the Sword in the Stone Singapore's myths, legends depicted in latest stamp issue. ChannelNewsAsia 01 Oct 2014. SINGAPORE: The Palembang prince that would coin the city-state's name, and the swordfish attack that defined the Redhill and Bukit Merah area will be celebrated in SingPost's upcoming Myths and Legends stamp issue. In a press release on Wednesday (Oct 1), SingPost said the set of eight stamps. Legends from the Scottish Isle of Sky about a gift from a fairy lover. Fairy Gifts. Stories of type 503 from around the world about mortals who are blessed or cursed by the hidden people. The Fairies and the Hump-Back (Scotland). The Hunchback of Willow Brake (Scotland). The Legend of Knockgrafton (Ireland). The Palace in the Rath (Ireland) These 8 Urban Legends In Texas Will Keep You Awake At Night. From an angry banshee lady haunting the Rio Grande to the famous Bragg Lights deep in the heart of the Big Thicket, Texas offers plenty of tales about strange beasts, ghosts of women searching desperately for their children, and sightings of unexplained lights to keep your friends and family from out of state entertained for days

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If you too are fascinated by Indian folklore then here are some really intriguing legends and stories from ancient civilizations, yugas, etc that will surely captivate you and leave you spellbound. So, take a look. The Ancient Legend Of Vish Kanyas. Vish Kanyas were venomous women who would assist in the execution of people The story of the monstrous Nian is the most important of all Chinese New Year legends and stories. It also explains how red came to be associated with the festival. Long ago, a horrific monster named Nian (年) terrorized the people of Ancient China

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American urban legends are some of scariest stories ever — we've invented Bigfoot and the Mothman, and we even saw witches in our own neighbors in Salem. Here's some American folklore that you may not have heard yet, from the tricky Wendigo to the close-to-truth Cropsey to the horrifying Boo Hags. America is a melting pot of culture, and. The Laughing Prince - Jugoslav Folk and Fairy Tales . Notes: Contains 14 folktales of the Slavic people.. Author: Parker Fillmore Published: 1921 Publisher: Harcourt, Brace And Company, USA . 1.The Laughing Prince - The Story of the Boy Who Could Talk Nonsense. 2.Beauty and the Horns - The Story of an Enchanted Maiden. 3.The Pigeon's Bride - The Story of a Princess Who Kissed and Tol There are so many ancient flood stories from around the world similar to the story of Noah.Actually there are not only 15 flood myths but there are hundreds! However in this post I will only be sharing 15 representatives of these (compacted) flood stories from the 5 major religions, i.e. JudeoChristianity - Islam religions, that is of course: the story of Noah, from Hindu religion and. Arthurian legend, the body of stories and medieval romances centering on the legendary king Arthur. Medieval writers, especially the French, variously treated stories of Arthur's birth, the adventures of his knights, and the adulterous love between his knight Sir Lancelot and his queen, Guinevere

The story of Nemesis is one of the stories about the history of ancient gods and goddesses featured in ancient mythology and legends. Such stories serve as a doorway to enter the world of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The names of so many of the heroes and characters are known today through movies and games but the actual story about such. 9 Fascinating Stories About The Legend Of Shiva You Need To Read Today There are so many legends that it is practically impossible to list all of them, so we have compiled the most famous and. Legend has it that, during either the 15th century or late 16th century, the Beans took up residence in a cave commonly believed to be Bennane Cave on the Ayrshire coast. As the family grew, some grandchildren were suspected to be the product of incest, he and his family are said to have eaten over 1,000 people

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The Story of the Piña - This Philippine legend tells the story of how the Pineapple fruit got so many eyes. The Legend of Bulkang Mayon - The Mayon Volcano is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world. Additionally, its almost-perfect conical shape has become the stuff of legends World Book's series Famous Myths and Legends of the World collects many famous stories from around the world. The stories are written in a creative way to approximate the artistry of the originals and are accompanied by colorful paintings and photographs. By providing background information on the cultures from which these stories come, the.

Famous Pirates, Pirate Stories, Pirate Legends-Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack... The Pirate's Realm. Pirate stories are full of famous pirates, like: Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and Jack Rackham, to some less-known pirates, like the Barbarossa Brothers and Kanhoji Angria.Choose from our pirate stories below, and discover which are more pirate history and which are more pirate legends The Story of the Kelly Gang - The world's first full-length film. Made in 1906, it ran for more than an hour; it is, however, considered a Lost film, as only 20 minutes of the original film still exist. Rod Ansell - Outback Australian who became the inspiration for the famous film Crocodile Dundee Famous urban legends include the Slender Man, the Vanishing Hitchhiker, and Bloody Mary. They can be found in all countries around the world, and that includes the Philippines. We Filipinos have always been fond of the unknown and the supernatural, hence why we have so many urban legends pervading the country The Lingering Legend of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost. Stories of a ghostly President Lincoln wandering the corridors and rooms of the White House have persisted for more than a century

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Other famous folklore includes the Hitopadesha Tales, stories of Akbar-Birbal and the Jataka Tales. 3. Germany. Due to their origins in a common Germanic mythology, the folk stories of Germany bear striking similarities to those of the Scandinavian countries. It is motley of Christian ideas and pre-Christian Norse mythology The Story of Temples. Ancient Egyptian Tall Tales (old stories and scary superstitions!) Ancient Egyptian Myths. Egyptian Storybook for Kids - Many old stories and fairytales starring animals that could be found in ancient Egypt! The Mummy Case. Interactive GAMES about Ancient Egyp Legends (derived from Latin, Legenda) are stories in oral tradition and a narrative of human actions. They are usually old but are believed to have taken place within human history. Legends are often passed on by word-of-mouth. Legends have often been transformed over time to keep them realistic. The word is also used for famous or historically. The legend of the four Children of Lir, turned into swans for nine centuries by their wicked stepmother. Age range: 6 to 8, 9 to12, Teen Tags: Celtic, Classic, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Folk Tale, Irish, Legend, Myth Animals: Swan Reading time: 05 - 10 mins

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The legend of William Tell - the man who skilfully splits an apple on his son's head with his crossbow rather than bowing down to a local dignitary's hat - has come to represent the Swiss people's spirit of independence. It is a story that is known and loved well beyond the Swiss border. But this folk hero from the canton of Uri is only one of the many characters in Swiss legends. Māori myths and legends offer a fascinating take on New Zealand's origins and the Earth's creation. There are stories about gods (ngā atua), mythical creatures, nature, warfare and astronomy to name a few. Here are 11 tales that will introduce you to this rich cultural tradition One story of Aquila's service to Zeus was that of Ganymede, who was a very gentle, kind shepherd and the most handsome mortal the gods and goddesse s had ever seen. One day , the great eagle Aquila swooped down from the sky and, landing near the startled Ganymede, told him that Zeus had sent him to carry Ganymede to Mount Olympus The Legend of the Rhode Island Vampire. One of the most famous real-life vampires was Mercy Brown, a young woman from 1800s Rhode Island who had died of tuberculosis and was believed to be.

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6. Zhu Yuanzhang and Moon Cake Uprising. This is a Mid-Autumn Festival legend really happened. In late Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368 AD), people in many parts of the country could not bear the cruel rule of the government and rose in revolt. Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD), united the different resistance forces and wanted. Fairy tales can be divided into four main categories: Animal stories, real stories, comical stories and reciting stories. The real stories can be divided into sub-categories: Legend tales, fairy tales, short stories, and fairy tales about stupid trolls. The most-known fairy tale character in Norway is the Ash Lad (Norwegian: Askeladden) One of the more famous versions of this story involved the claim that actress Sean Young pulled the super-glue penis trick on James Woods while they were going out. ( Woods denies it .) It was a.

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Cú Chulainn is one of the most famous Irish mythological heroes. He appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, and Scottish and Manx folklore. He was said to be the son of Deichtine and the god Lugh, and the nephew of Conchobar mac Nessa, the King of Ulster. His given name at birth was Setanta but he gained the name Cú Chulainn, meaning. As well as our collections of tribal legends and legend archives, we also have several pages of comparative legends, for the native stories of the Wabanaki tribes (including the Micmac, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, and Abenaki tribes,) the native stories of the Iroquois tribes (including the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga. The story of the Alice Killings is one of Japan's most famous urban legends, as well as one of its newest. The legend revolves around a series of killings that supposedly occurred between 1999.