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21 Genius Inventions That Should Exist but Don't for Some

  1. 21 Genius Inventions That Should Exist but Don't for Some Dumb Reason. In an age where one man, Elon Musk, has singlehandedly led the field in electric car, solar panel, and aerospace manufacturing - one is left to wonder, what else is there to invent? Surely one inventor/entrepreneur can't be left to tackle the remainder of the world's.
  2. The following things should exist, and don't. The world would be a better place with all these awesome things, and I don't know how we get by without them. Crossed-out things actually do exist, to the best of my knowledge. Contents. 1 IPA Whatnots; 2 Resources. 2.1 Publications; 2.2 Software
  3. Words that Don't Exist, But Should. or even possibly Words that Don't Exist, And Should Stay That Way. by Carolita Ionescu et al. ASSHAT (ASS-heat) Noun. A hat that is worn on the ass. Origin: English ass + hat. 2007. BABBY (BAB-bee) Noun. An infant. Origin: English baby + frequent chatroom misspellings by peers. 2008. BROAST (brOst) Verb
  4. al illnesses, or the more frivolous - who wouldn't want to be able to teleport? - these are all inventions that don't exist yet, but totally should
  5. What other things should exist, but don't? MitchT. Original Poster. 13,689 posts. 176 months. Monday 9th January 2017. So it exists, but I'm surprised they haven't become mainstream by now. Given.
  6. 27 Genius Inventions That Should Already Exist Everywhere. Inventions pop up every day on Kickstarter and all over the world, and some of these inventions are true lifesavers. An automatic pizza machine or a portable egg boiler — take your pick! Bright Side has selected for you a list of inventions from all corners of the world to show how.
  7. A curated and tested set of instructions for getting from a collection of humans surrounded by ample natural resources but no tools all the way to 21st century level technology through a succession of steps. It would possibly require generations t..

50 Hot-in-Demand App ideas That Do Not Yet Exist. Table of Content [ show] Apparel and Accessories Analyzer. Barter Exchange App. Battery Life Sharing. Garage Guru. Deleting Phone Number. Voice Recorder for Lectures. People and Discussion Finding app I don't think there should be a tonic or a device (looking at Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) which would erase all memories of someone after a break-up or whatever. But I do think there. Number 2: Mental health & Physical health. Mental illness is a BIG issue today. 1 in 5 people is struggling with a form of mental issue. From ADHD to anxiety, to depression, you never learn about these in school. Mental health is a 100 Billion dollar industry in the US alone, because we are never taught how to take care of ourselves

Page 1 of 3 - Things that should exist, but don't. - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: If a society has the ability to make and use full body leather armor, they usually have the ability to dye it multiple colors using natural pigments. In Skyrim everyone uses candles or lanterns, so solid black clothing would be possible with the use of lampblack 15 Things That Should Not Exist (But Do For Some Reason) A smattering of the most unnecessary items to recently grace the Internet and the world. By You're Doing It Wrong and Funny Or Die Aug 20, 2012 I don't even want to know what someone is going to do with this. [via / image via. 9 Words That Don't Exist, But Definitely Should. By Andy McDonald. The world is always changing, and it starts with your dictionary. Case in point: Dude, totally been there. Similarly, here are some of our own offerings of new words that don't really exist yet, but definitely should in the future. PHOTO GALLERY Of course, we still don't have words for some pretty important things. Here are a few words that don't exist, but should: 1. Askhole. Thank you! Whoever said that there are no stupid questions was lying. There are plenty of dumb things that people can, and will, ask. 2. Bedgasm Product Combinations That Don't Exist (But Totally Should) Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Reddit. By: Cracked Plasticians March 26, 2011. Advertisement. Some things go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but nobody has bothered to combine them yet. We asked you to show us the product combos you wish they'd make

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  1. A power source that powerful doesn't, and can't, exist. 2. Human Teleportation. G/O Media may get a commission. Acer 11 Chromebook. $129 at Walmart. A staple of the Star Trek universe is the.
  2. And why don't mobile ID cards exist? We compiled a list of things we wish people would work on. They're not unobtainable things like time travel or robots that clean your whole house (although.
  3. In theory materials exist that are strong enough to do the job, but I don't think anyone's come up a way of getting a 30,000 mile cable in to position yet. Shakermaker 11,317 post
  4. Single's Day, Student's Day and 9 Other 'Holidays' That Should Exist. Every year, we look forward to the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Years — because they're just freakin' awesome. Good food, great company and of coursethe gifts
  5. 5 Things That Don't Exist, But Should Christina Parrish. Aug 22, 2016. St Josephs College New York. 588 Young Aus Skeptics It's 2016, and we have hover boards, smart phones and cupcake vending machines. Humanity has become pretty technologically advanced, right? Wrong
  6. My 9 New Inventions That Solve Problems Which Don't Exist. My name is Matt Benedetto, and I am a self-taught product designer that is on a quest to invent useless things that help solve everyday problems that do not actually exist, called Unnecessary Inventions. Each useless invention combines a carefully crafted balancing act of being.

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Take a look at 14 holidays that don't exist yet, but absolutely should. 1. Fall Instagram Appreciation Day. Crunchy leaves, infinity scarves and latte art make for some adorbs Instas, but you don. Things That Should NOT EXIST! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what you thought was the worst photo or thing! Watch funny Tik Toks https://youtu.be/4o.. Subject: Things that should exist in the Lore but don't... Spetulhu. Confessor Of Sins IronSlug wrote: Sorry mate, too slow... Take care you don't get drafted to write for GW, mate! You already outclass most of their writers when it comes to backstory, plot twists and character development

In this first installment of our series--called Businesses That Don't Exist, But Should--the ideas run the gamut of industries from energy to health care. No gratuitous gadgets here. To be fair. Aug 18, 2014 - Explore Mariahmatix's board Things that don't exist but should on Pinterest. See more ideas about bones funny, funny, humor 9 Words That Don't Exist, But Definitely Should. By Andy McDonald. The world is always changing, and it starts with your dictionary. Case in point: Dude, totally been there. Similarly, here are some of our own offerings of new words that don't really exist yet, but definitely should in the future. PHOTO GALLERY 26 Real Animals That Shouldn't Exist, But Do Anyway Copy Link Facebook Twitter Reddit Flipboard Pocket. Earth is more alien than we often give it credit for. Bernard DUPONT/CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. 11 Imaginary Inventions That Should Totally Exist. Abraham Piper. Sometimes an idea is both relatively simple and extremely awesome, and then you look around and you realize it doesn't exist. The more enterprising among us would respond to this absence of awesomeness by making their idea happen
  2. 21A muscle that only exists in 85 percent of the population. The palmaris longus is a muscle that you might have in your forearm or you might not. That's because around 15 percent of people simply don't have a palmaris longus. To see if you have one, pinch your thumb and your pinky finger together
  3. 4. An app for evaluating DJs. Source: Eric Spivak /Facebook. Put on a Beyoncé megamix and get off the stage, mate. 5. THIS. I wish there was an app that felt your emotions, then played the.
  4. When we think of how far we've come since the year 2000, it's easy to focus on what we've gained. We've gotten iPods, smart phones, driverless cars, text messaging, GPS, social media, Wikipedia, every TV show and movie in human existence available on demand, and an AI-based computer that can kick anybody's butt at Jeopardy.It's amazing and wonderful—no doubt about it

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That is a statement. If you don't believe me I invite you to try to prove me wrong. When they down, they crash. I think Carrie is great, both on and off the set. Fishers weight problems. Unlike hundreds we kill during Fallout 4, Kellogg is the only person that deserves to die in our hands. All the raiders and Gunner 9 Pillow Talk. via squarespace. This device was created for long distance relationships. The more you think about it, the creepier and more intimate it gets. It isn't actually a pillow that does the work, but a wristband that picks up your heartbeat and sends it to your loved one's pillow in real time

2. An education system that isn't Prussian-based, and does not focus on scores and grades, instead focusing on actually educating both young and old. 3. John Key and the National Party kicked out of parliament and replaced with Libertarianz Spitting - assuming you don't cause actual damage -- won't get you jail time, but it can get you a slap-on-the-wrist in some states. An old law in Massachusetts calls spitting in public a. List the laws that you think should exist, but that don't now either because they're impractical, unconstitutional, or simply haven't been proposed. The law doesn't necessarily have to be implementable, but should simply address an issue that you think needs to be addressed. I'll start:-It should be illegal to buy booze at liquor stores with. How about a business that gives homeowners a schedule of all preventative maintenance tasks they need to perform on a regular basis to keep their home in top shape, and plugs the schedule into their phone? Changing air filters Pressure washing con..

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Things in Minecraft that should not be things. Like Silverfish food. Would not eat.My subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/phoenixscOfficial Merch Store:https://s.. 18 Emojis That Should Exist But Don't. Really, how is there no cheese emoji? by. by Adam Ellis. BuzzFeed Staff. , by Conz Preti. BuzzFeed Regional Director, Americas

Here are the Top 10 Most Wanted Apps that don't Exist yet. 1. An app that assesses how to best manage your savings and keeps you from spending more than your set budget. 2. An app that allows you to scan anything and find it online to purchase. 3. An app that creates more hours in the day. 4 15 People Commiserate About Things That Don't Exist Anymore But Absolutely Should. These days, things change so quickly that it's hard to remember some of the things that used to exist. But when someone mentions something that used to be the norm however many years ago, you might find yourself wondering why said thing doesn't still exist

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  1. Matt Benedetto is a product designer from Burlington, Vermont that is on a quest to design products to help solve the most difficult problems in the world that don't really exist. His collection of unnecessary inventions is filled with products that no one is asking for but Matt has taken it upon himself to bring these products to life anyway
  2. 13 Foods That Should Exist. And some that definitely shouldn't. Don't worry about it! Science. 5. Banan-O. wikipedia / Dan Meth Because the food of Russia should be in a container that.
  3. 5. Vine. I don't know whether this is a cringy opinion to have, but I believe a unique art form was lost when Vine died. That 6-second limit forced people to use creative ways to rapidly tell a story and a lot of hilarious stuff came out of it
  4. Glasses that don't fog up when you come inside after being out in the cold! So annoying — sinead larkin (@sineadlarkin) October 30, 2019 I would love to invent a song/tune that would without fail help overactive hyper toddlers to relax and fall asleep! - Charlene Galway A microwave bed 8 hrs sleep in an hour make life ohhh so simple
  5. The following is a list of lists of things that do or don't exist, but should or should not, like the list of weapons that don't exist, but should: Pages in category Lists of things that do or don't exist, but should or should not The following 19 pages are in this category, out of 19 total. A
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14 Emojis That Don't Exist But SHOULD! You want to communicate exclusively in emojis, but how can you really express yourself when the most important ones (eye-roll, taco, selfie) don't exist A recent AskReddit thread invited people to share their favorite things that don't exist anymore but should and some of them are pretty great. Things change so fast nowadays and sometimes it's good to look back for the sake of nostalgia. Most things I wish still existed are food-related but I really do miss going to rent a movie These 15 Animals Really Should Not Exist On Earth. by Elzaan Van der merwe. One thing that we can be sure of and put our heads on a block for, is that all human beings on earth are scared of spiders. Whether you are the tiniest person or the biggest hulk of a man you are scared of spiders even if you don't want to admit it Easy. Unplug the microwave power cord, cut off the ground prong, and plug the cord back in upside down. That should do it. 41. Continue this thread. level 2. Hungry_Hobo. · 8y. With a large bowl, table salt, ice, and water you can construct a cheap chilling apparatus 20 Amazing Products That Don't Exist Yet. After you see some of these products you will not believe that they do not exist yet. You may even get some ideas and create your own prototypes. A coffemaker that uses handprint to recognize you and your coffe preferences

While conspiracy theories and UFO sightings abound, we don't have verifiable proof that other lifeforms exist in the space beyond our own planet. Still, many people firmly believe that there is life on other planets, or that life did exist at some point in the past Read more: 13 more things that don't make sense. 1 The placebo effect. FOR more than a decade, physicists in Japan have been seeing cosmic rays that should not exist. Cosmic rays are. List of animals that don't exist, but should. From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The world is full of many different kinds of animals. Weasels. Mudkip. Parrots. Fungus. Many of them however aren't terribly interesting, like rabbits, and pigeons In 1885, a strange object was found by an iron smelter at a foundry in Vocklabruck, Austria. There, within a block of solid coal, was discovered a perfectly-formed cuboid object of what seemed to be iron or some other type of metal, measuring 2.64 by 2.64 by 1.85 inches and weighing 1.73 pounds, its purpose unknown However, there are various such animals that once existed, but now to cease to exist to different reasons. The most striking 15 are listed below: Table of Contents show. 1 1. Woolly Mammoth. 2 2. Madeiran Large White Butterfly. 3 3. Tasmanian Tiger

Signed copy of book. $50 USD. Donate fifty bucks you will receive a signed copy of the Things That Should Exist But Do Not Vol. One once it is published in addition to having the book dedicated to you, being included on the Thank You list and getting a personalized shout out on social media! 6 out of 10 claimed How to Sell a Product That Doesn't Exist Yet—And Why You Should. Forget setting up your website. Forget designing a logo. Forget a long process of R&D, six to 12 months designing the perfect product—just start selling the product or service, before it exists. Dylan Ogline This is a place to dump ideas that I think of randomly. A lot of them aren't useful but they're still interesting to jot down. I'll just keep adding to this list as I think of new ideas. This was created after spending hours on FaceTime with one of my best friends, Kelsey, and saying [

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The situation is abhorrent. I am introducing this legislation for International Women's Day to ensure that the government have a duty to provide the funding life-saving support services. 7. A. Consequently, He Has Several Intense Responses to Several Great Things That Don't Exist But Should. By Sean Fitz-Gerald. Last Week Tonight was off this weekend for Memorial Day,.

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Just don't look into how Scrooge McDuck (Alan Young, This technology should definitely exist in real life. Even if it's just for squirrels. They're skittish and deserve a break. Underwater I don't want to help people that just want to milk me for all I'm worth. It's time I start acting like I have 50,000 followers and stop responding to literally everybody that wants my attention Fictional vampires are often tormented, sexy souls, and while blood-drinking human vampires don't exist—well, there are a few freaks out there who drink blood, but they don't survive on the. 10 Holidays That Should Exist {#TuesdayTen} If you've been following Tuesday Ten for very long at all, you know that there are some pretty crazy holidays and that we like to have a little fun with them in our blog posts. Over the past 14 months we have celebrated Rubber Eraser Day, Jelly Bean Day, National Hammock Day, Wonderful Weirdos Day. 25 Things That Only Happen In America (And We Don't Know Why) We all have our little quirks that make us unique to who we are and where we are from, these things make America unique! By Andrew Brethauer Published Oct 28, 2018. Share Share Tweet Email Comment

Home 5 Things We Know On A Sunday 5 Things We Know On A Sunday - From How To Feel Better After A Rough Week To Skeeters, Texas Holidays That Don't Exist But SHOULD, To The Best Song Most Have Never Heard And The Dumbest Business Plan Ever (Hi there ERCOT) Here's What We Know This Week. Enjoy, Comment, Share! 5 Things We Know On A Sunday - From How To Feel Better After A Rough Week To. My view, as one who taught it, is that the whole purpose of a literary education should be to tell people that these things exist. I don't think any teacher should try to 'teach an author,' but rather simply describe what the author has written. And this is what I tried to do. — Guy Davenpor 18 Things From Friends That We Don't Talk About, But Should - Nogagames 18 Things From Friends That We Don't Talk About, But Should. Share. Flip. Like. BuzzFeed - Hafsa Ahmed • 1h Things that don't exist but should, part one. Posted on June 22, 2010 by Sushi. My bathroom sink is messier than I'd like to admit. Not because I'm a slob, but because I can't be bothered to clean it constantly and because my brother makes a habit of throwing his towels in the sink, which drives me batty. Because of this, I take great.

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With all that out of the way, here are 10 bone-chilling technologies that should never be allowed to exist (listed in no particular order): 1. Weaponized Nanotechnology. Nothing could end our. This is convenient, but it also leads us to pay for plenty of stuff that we probably don't need and will never use. In no special order, we're going to list 15 items that people notoriously buy.

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Romans 1:20 NLT. So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever. 2 Corinthians 4:18 NLT. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we. 2. Driving barefoot. While driving a car without footwear may be unwise, it's not illegal in any state. Alabama, however, does require anyone operating or riding on a motorcycle to wear shoes. 10 strange inventions that could exist in 10 years. Chris Weller. 2016-07-26T18:35:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth. Putting aside larger issues, like healthcare and political chicanery, she listed her picks for everyday things that could stand some revamping, a checklist that includes lottery tickets, hearses.

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A child spends more time in class than at home, on a typical school day if we don't count sleeping (at home, not in class). The time our child spends in school—the most developmental years—is valuable. There are many things that should be, but often aren't, taught in school 23 laws from other countries the US should adopt. Traveling is a great way to learn about other cultures and ways of thinking. While most of our encounters with a host country's legal system usually revolve around visas and Customs offices, there is a much broader and underlying set of laws that guides the flow of daily routines and reflects. Looking around most school facilities -- even those that aren't old and crumbling -- it's obvious that so much of it is obsolete today, and yet still in wide use. 1. COMPUTER LABS. Students are connected to the Internet everywhere except in school. Regardless of their income bracket, most kids carry around a world of information in their. But hey, while I'm at it, let me point out a few other things: 4. Taxation without representation. Again, while the exact words taxation without representation don't appear in the Constitution, it does say, in Article I, Clause 8, that Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises To that end, we're going to take a look now at nine things a truly good leader simply doesn't do. 1. Act tough. One of the biggest misconceptions about successful leadership is that toughness.

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10 Things Science Cannot Prove. I do not believe in anything that is not physical-I only believe what science tells me is true, is what a student of mine told me as he came into my office at Olive-Harvey College. But the fact was that he was making a paradoxically illogical statement and embracing a dangerous secular paradigm 10 Things Christians May Believe, but Aren't Necessarily in the Bible. By Caleb; 10 Comments; Over the years the culture has changed. This is good for some reasons, and bad for others.One common problem that I see in the culture these days is the lack of Bible reading (even among many believers) And herein lies the ultimate fault of the term boyfriend jean. It's when I don't have a boyfriend that I forge a stronger relationship with my muumuu, and thus feel more suited for these loose-fitting, dad-like jeans. More accurate would be to call these the I-don't-have-a-boyfriend jean. And a more equitable title too. 2 THINGS THAT EXIST AND THINGS THAT DON'T. Here are some things that exist: 1. 2+2 = 4. 2. That rock over there. 3. The bed I am currently lying on But despite having 3.5 million apps on Google Play Store and 2.8 million apps on IOS App Store there are many more apps that still need to come. Here are 20 such app ideas that don't exist and need to be made right now:-20 best new app ideas that are yet not made: 1