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Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes The Daddy-long-legs Spider, Pholcus phalangioides, is found throughout Australia. It is a cosmopolitan species that originates from Europe and was introduced accidently into Australia. Feeding and diet. The Daddy-long-legs Spider feeds on insects and other spiders. Danger to humans The common type of Daddy-long-legs found in suburban backyards across Australia is an introduced European spider (Pholcus phalangioides). Fast facts: There is a long held urban myths about Daddy-long-longs Spiders is that it is one of the most venomous spiders in the world but it's fangs are too small to pierce human skin Have you heard this one? Daddy-Longlegs are one of the most poisonous spiders, but their fangs are too short to bite humans This tale has been lurking around for years. I have heard it repeatedly in the United States and even heard a schoolteacher misinforming her class at a museum in Brisbane, Australia. This is incorrect, but to clarify it, several points need to be explained first

The truth is, it's not venom that gives the daddy longlegs the upper hand over the redback spider - it's its legs. According to Mark Harvey, Head of the Department of Terrestrial Zoology at the Western Australian Museum, daddy longlegs are able to defeat redbacks by spitting silk at them from a distance, then using their slender limbs to. What are daddy long legs. The term is typically used for spiders with long, skinny legs and small brown bodies. If you've ever seen small, creepy crawlers hanging around your house, chances are you've been acquainted with the infamous daddy long legs.They're quite common all over the world and they like to hide in the corners of rooms, furniture, and sheltered areas VENOM TOXICITY - the bite of Daddy long-legs spider is not considered dangerous to human health. They are a non-aggressive group of spiders; their fangs very small but may pierce human skin. Area of distribution - Australia-wide. Introduced from Europe, the Daddy long-legs spider is probably the best known spider world-wide Daddy long legs in the garden. Keeping harvestmen out of your garden requires a lot of cleanup. The key is to tidy up and remove as much clutter and plant debris as possible. This is because the more areas there are to hide, the more bugs will hide in your yard. This means more meals for harvestmen

Daddy longlegs, (order Opiliones), also spelled daddy-longlegs or daddy long legs, also called harvestman, any of more than 6,000 species of arachnids (class Arachnida) that are known for their extremely long and thin legs and for their compact bodies. Daddy longlegs are closely related to scorpions (order Scorpiones) but, because of their appearance, are often mistaken as spiders (order. One is a venomous predator, while the other mostly just eats decomposing animals and plants. Second, and probably more important after an encounter like the one mentioned above, neither type ever naturally bites people. The lifespan of a male daddy long legs is about a year. These creatures die after they mate. A female can live up to three years Pholcus phalangioides, commonly known as daddy long-legs spider or long-bodied cellar spider, is a spider of the family Pholcidae.It is also known as the skull spider, since its cephalothorax resembles a human skull. This is the only spider species described by the Swiss entomologist Johann Kaspar Füssli, who first recorded it in 1775. Its common name of daddy long-legs should not be. Daddy Long Legs features music and lyrics by Tony Award-nominated composer/lyricist, Paul Gordon (Jane Eyre), and Tony-winning librettist/director, John Caird (Les Misérables), and is a rags-to-riches tale of newfound love. Jerusha Abbott is the Oldest Orphan in the John Grier Home until a mysterious benefactor decides to send her. TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter for - Compare prices of 7168 products in Golf from 51 Online Stores in Australia. Save with MyShopping.com.au

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  2. Name: Daddy-long-legs spider with babies! Location: NSW AustraliaDate: 4/2/2019Packing & Unpacking Services - Moving Houses & Relocation spiders in Austr..
  3. Daddy-long-legs Pholcus phalangioides, family Pholcidae Identification. Very long, fine hair-like legs with body smaller than pea. Colour: Generally dark. Length: Including legs about 15cm. Distribution. Introduced from Europe, now widespread throughout Australia. Found around houses; related species occur in rainforest and bush. Web. Messy.
  4. There might be as many as 10,000 species of daddy longlegs, with 6000 to 7000 currently described. We're describing new ones all the time, Clouse says

However, there are venomous daddy long legs in Australia. They are called cellar spider. Daddy Long Legs Images. Facts about Daddy Long Legs 3: the Age. Here's the thing. They are very old. There are many well-preserved fossils of this animal. The age is at least 400 million years old. It's hard to define, though Although the daddy-long-legs is one of Australia's most common and frequently seen spiders, it isn't native to Australia and was accidentally introduced to this country from Europe many years ago. The average life span of an adult daddy-long-legs can vary from 223-774 days and in that time the female may produce from two to eight egg sacs. The Daddy Long Legs putters will be available with stock lengths of 35 and 38 inches with TaylorMade's Pure Roll surlyn insert. Other lengths are available on custom orders. Standard specs are 2.5 degrees of loft with a 70-degree lie angle and a removable 2.5 gram titanium weight. They will be available April 15 for $199 Daddy-longlegs Spider - Pholcus phalangioides This page contains pictures and information about Daddy Long-leg Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. Leg to leg 50-100mm Daddy-longlegs Spiders live inside houses and buildings. They make tangled webs in the wall corner and ceiling

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Daddy-long-legs: spiders. The animal which most biologists call Daddy-long-legs, is a spider, Pholcus phalangioides, which belongs to the spider family Pholcidae, order Araneida, class Arachnida. It has two parts to the body, separated by a narrow waist. It has eight eyes and eight very long thin legs. Pholcids often live in webs in the corners. Daddy long-legs spiders can attack and kill redback spiders, which are known to be quite dangerous. 14. Huntsman spiders, jumping spiders, and spiders of the Tegenaria species, can also fall prey to daddy long-legs spiders. 15. Sometimes, a daddy long-legs spider can eat its own kind, especially when the food is scarce. 16 Daddy long legs challenges Scary spider for the fly that I gave him, appearing to try to wrap the fly and then, scary. Scary seems surprisingly nervous about.. A widespread myth holds that daddy longlegs, also known as granddaddy longlegs or harvestmen, are the most venomous spiders in the world.We're only safe from their bite, we are told, because their.

The Pholcidae are a family of araneomorph spiders.The family contains over 1,800 pholcids (individual species of the family Pholcidae), including those commonly known as the marbled cellar spider (Holocnemus pluchei), daddy long-legs spider, carpenter spider, daddy long-legger, vibrating spider, gyrating spider, long daddy, and skull spider.The family, first described by Carl Ludwig Koch in. The fantastically named Daddy Long Legs Extra Rare is a fortified wine, wonderfully rich and concentrated, hand bottled, and released only in tiny quantities. Fourth generation family member, Chester Osborn, assumed the position of Chief Winemaker at d'Arenberg in 1984, and set aside 15 barrels of very old, high quality fortified wine

Instead, daddy-long-legs are spider killers. Their venom is capable of taking down arachnids far bigger than themselves, including the fearsome funnel-web , according to the Queensland Museum's. NV d'Arenberg Daddy Long Legs Extremely Rare Tawny Port - Style (McLaren Vale, Australia) $ 218.03 $ 436.06 / 750ml. inc. 5% sales tax. Go to shop East End Cellars. Australia: SA . Half Bottle (375ml) Free shipping in Australia for $240 orders. Standard delivery 1. Reviewed in Australia on 10 July 2016. Verified Purchase. It was strange at one point where she asks Daddy Long Legs if he was around at the time of Jane Eyre and to realise that for her that novel was published the equivalent distance away in time of the 1950s to us in 2020 This daddy-long-legs is almost three-and-a-half inches across from leg tip to leg tip — definitely male. Photo: Dave Shemanske. They are not spiders. They are arachnids and closer to the scorpion family. They don't produce silk. They have one pair of eyes. They are known only as daddy long legs. They are not venomous

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Don't fear the pholcid: Daddy long-legs' venom is only dangerous if you're an insect. You've probably heard the urban legend: Daddy long-leg spiders possess extremely toxic venom—so toxic that. Published 13:06, 25 September 2020 BST. As we head into autumn, you might find you're sharing your house with a new bunch of non-paying visitors in the form of giant daddy long legs - or crane. Daddy long-legs are found on every continent except Antarctica, and it's thought that there are nearly 6,500 species, 46 families, and 4 suborders world wide! That's a lot of species for a group that is commonly misidentified

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Myth: A daddy-longlegs is a kind of spider. Fact: This is a tricky one.Unfortunately, different people call completely different creatures by the daddy term. Most Americans who spend time outdoors use the term for long-legged harvestmen (below, right), which are ground-dwelling outdoor creatures Daddy longlegs do not spin webs nor have venom to kill their victims and are part of a group of insects called opiliones. Their bodies are about 1/16 to ½ of an inch long with very long legs. So the next time someone asks you if a Daddy Long Leg is a spider or not, you can say No! Are Daddy Long legs Poisonous Jerusha and Daddy Long Legs exchange correspondences through the compressed space and time of a single cleverly designed set. (Credit: Reg Madison Photography) The Phoenix Theatre Company continues its 2021 season with two stories of strong and unique women — one, a real life cultural icon and the other, a work of adapted fiction The daddy longlegs is not harmful to humans, but they can kill redback spiders (Australian black widows). Because redback venom can kill humans, people may have believed daddy longlegs could kill. Daddy Long Les | Squeezeboxes. CG Anglo Concertina. GD Anglo Concertina. English Concertina. Chromatic Button Accordion. ADG Melodeon. C One Row Melodeon. DG Melodeon. GC Melodeon

Australia 2 October 1931: Denmark 12 October 1931: Spain 7 December 1931: Ireland 25 December 1931: Portugal 6 January 1932: Finland 24 January 1932: Also Known As (AKA) (original title) Daddy Long Legs: Brazil: Papai Pernilongo: Denmark: Papa Langben: France: Papa longues jambes: Germany: Daddy Long Legs: Italy: Papà gambalunga: Netherlands. When the first settlers came to Canada and the first convicts went to Australia, everybody probably laughed at the settlers and thought the convicts got the better end of the bargain. When I see pictures like this and stories like yours, I'm not so sure. funfact: daddy Long legs is the most venomous spider. level 1. 17 points · 8 years ago. Thank you, Bill. It is a bit confusing, since the name daddy longlegs is used for one spider. I think the longlegs term matches harvestmen very well. Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on November 09, 2018: Hi Linda. Another interesting hub. I was always under the assumption that the daddy long legs were spiders, so I learned something new today Daddy Long-Legs is a book written by Jean Webster and first published in 1912. It tells the story of Jerusha Abbott, who grew up in an orphanage but was sent to college by a mysterious benefactor she calls Daddy Long-Legs. In college she falls in love with a young man who wants to marry her, but she refuses because she is an orphan

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Fortunately, daddy-long-legs are spider killers and are not venomous to people. According to the Queensland Museum's arachnid expert, Dr Robert Raven, they even kill the fearsome funnel-web. Some of the most venomous spiders in Australia can be killed by daddy-long-legs - by their venom, says Dr Raven Beginners' Packages: If you are new to the melodeon and not sure where to start, I have put together some simple tunes and lessons to get you up and running. You can have 1 pack of 6 tunes and lessons (choice of 2 different packs) for £29.95 saving 17% (normal price £35.94) Please note, if you have already purchased any of the tunes in the. TaylorMade's original Daddy Long Legs putter was the most stable and technilogically advanced the company had ever made. Now, it has been improved even further with the launch of the new Daddy Long Legs+ (DDL+) putter. The DLL+ putter features the new SuperStroke XL 2.0 grip with 125g counter weight and a True Temper lightweight steel shaft.

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Check out our daddy long legs selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our dolls & miniatures shops They are both part of the Lampona genus, native to Australia and New Guinea. White-tail spidersed are vagrant hunters that usually roam at night. Instead of spinning webs and eating insects, they prefer to feast on other spiders, such as curtain-web spiders, daddy-long-legs, redback spiders, and black house spiders Daddy Longlegs. June 6 at 11:59 PM ·. Stoked to be playing some tunes at this Sunday's EcoFiesta ! My favourite day out in Cairns, and easily the most conscious event on the calendar - let's get it! ️☀️. #ecofiestacairns #sustainability #community #tunes. 2727 Daddy Long Legs -Harvestmen (Opiliones) The other eight-legged invertebrates which are sometimes called daddy-long-legs, are members of the order Opiliones or Opilionida in the class Arachnida. Biologists generally call these animals 'harvestmen' (e.g. the CSIRO Handbook (ed. Ian Naumann) cited above)

Australia is infamous for its deadly snakes, spiders and sea creatures, including the notoriously dangerous redback spider. I also tend to transplant the odd Daddy Long Legs into the shed in. TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 2.5 Putter 35 Inches Right-Handed Pure Roll. Pre-Owned. C $123.93. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price. C $145.80 15% off. or Best Offer Apr. 17, 2021. DADDY LONG LEGS on Hale Centre Theatre's Jewel Box Stage tugs at the heartstrings with its plucky heroine, touching music, and sweet love story. DADDY LONG LEGS (music and lyrics by. Habits. Commonly found underneath bark, rocks, leaf litter and logs in the bush and around the home and garden. They eat other spiders including daddy-long-legs, redbacks and black house spiders, and as such are most active at night when their prey is out hunting The Daddy-Long-Legs Spider (Pholcus phalangioides) is a spider of the family Pholcidae.Its legs are about 5 or 6 times the length of its body. It is often confused with the daddy long-legs, a member of the Opiliones, which are not true (real) spiders. P. phalangioides has the habit of shaking the web violently when disturbed. This is probably to blur the vision of a predator

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  1. ated composer-lyricist Paul Gordon (Jane Eyre) and Tony-winning librettist-director John Caird (Les Misérables).The new two-actor musical is an adaptation of Jean Webster's 1912 novel, which also inspired the 1955 movie starring Fred Astaire
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  3. Mānoa Valley Theatre continues its season with the Drama Desk Award winning musical Daddy Long Legs, by Paul Gordon and John Caird. Daddy Long Legs is based on the 1912 novel which inspired the.

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  1. Baby Daddy Long Legs (body just 2 mm long) 5 days after leaving the maternal web in my house in Churchill, Victoria, Australia, 27th January 2009. Female Daddy Long Legs with her egg sac in the same corner as her previous brood, hatched only ten days before, in my house in Churchill, Victoria, Australia, 31st January 2009
  2. Browse 325 daddy long legs spider stock photos and images available or search for false widow spider or cardinal spider to find more great stock photos and pictures. Female Leiobunum rotundum, harvestman on leaf in bush. Cellar spider / daddy longlegs in house, Belgium
  3. Although they are known as daddy long legs in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand, they are not at all similar to the arachnid that goes by the same name in the United States
  4. I reckon they were making babies. I went and did some research and I now know that the daddy long legs spider belongs to the Pholcidae family which has 969 species within it. Three of these species can be found in uk. Jaundice was definitely a mature male as the mouth parts I saw were really called palps which were swollen and are used as sex.
  5. With its gangly appearance, Pioneer quickly earned the nickname of The Daddy Long Legs. The Seashore Electric Railway open on November 28th 1896 but less than a week later, a storm hit
  6. There is a myth that daddy long legs are venomous but are incapable of biting anything - this is not true. There is no evidence to suggest that daddy long legs possess any poison at all, with.

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  2. The Evolution of Daddy Longlegs. A rare fossil find in eastern France allows researchers to trace the heritage of harvestmen ( Hastocularis argus ), most frequently known as daddy longlegs, back 305 million years. The fossil revealed that at one point harvestmen had two sets of active eyes. One set close to the center of the head, and another.
  3. The vernacular name daddy long legs has been used for a variety of creatures. I have heard or seen it used for crane-flies, for harvestmen, and for the cobweb spider Pholcus phalangioides. All three - not surprisingly - have long legs in proport..
  4. Well, this is a bit misleading, because there are two different kinds of common house spider, and neither is called Daddy long legs. The first is the common grey and black Theridiid spider now named Parasteatoda tepidariorum, and the second is..
  5. Holly Burt has impressive 49.5-inch legs and stands at 6′5″. Growing up she was constantly teased for being tall and was called: daddy long legs, giraffe and tree. There is a very good chance that those people all regret teasing her now. Her long legs have served her well and she's done some modeling

PUTTER TAYLORMADE DADDY LONG LEGS LEFT HANDED SUPER SOFT GRIP FREE SHIPPING. Photos not available for this variation. Condition: Used. Ended: 26 Jun, 2021 19:46:46 AEST. Price: AU $289.00. Best Offer accepted Unlike spiders, daddy long legs have fused bodies and don't make webs to hunt. Instead, daddy long legs can live as scavengers who eat plants, insects, fungi, and just about any other material. Opiliones: harvestmen. Characteristics. Harvestmen are usually less than 1 centimetre in body length however they can often have very long legs and are sometimes called 'daddy-long-legs'. They are commonly mistaken for spiders and should not be confused with the house-loving spider, which is often also known as a 'daddy-long-legs'

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  1. The adult daddy longlegs is a brown, long-bodied insect, with translucent wings and very long legs, which easily fall off if handled. As a group, craneflies are unmistakeable, although telling the different species apart can be very difficult and often requires a microscope
  2. Daddy long legs enter homes through torn screens, cracks in walls and gaps around windows. Keep them out by replacing torn window screens and caulking cracks and gaps. Check exterior doors for gaps and replace the weatherstripping if necessary to seal the space under and around the door. This will help keep both daddy long legs and their food.
  3. Daddy Long Legs Spider. Appearance: Found in every home, the daddy long legs is instantly recognisable for it's extremely small body and long, thin legs. Distribution: Australia wide. Introduced species from the UK. Size: Body dimensions range from 0.6 to 23m
  4. Browse 326 daddy long legs spider stock photos and images available, or search for cellar spider to find more great stock photos and pictures. daddy long legs spider - daddy long legs spider stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Female Leiobunum rotundum, harvestman on leaf in bush. Cellar spider / daddy longlegs in house, Belgium
  5. It features a TaylorMade shaft with a TaylorMade shaft with a Golf Pride grip. There is a 2.5 gram weight in the sole. Manufacturer: TaylorMade. Model: Daddy Long Legs. Shaft Flex: Regular. 7.0 out of 10.0 = In fair, but perfectly playable, condition

On a side note. Crane flies are also colloquially referred to as daddy longlegs because, you guessed it, they have long legs. Even though they look like giant mosquitos, most of the adults live. Blue cloth covered boards with green and white inked titles and designs. Lean to spine, but a tightly bound clean copy with PON on front pastedown and showing modest shelf and edge wear. . Add to Cart. Buy Now. Add to Wishlist. Item Price. $ 45.00. Daddy-Long-Legs. by Webster, Jean

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From the innocent daddy longlegs to the harmful brown recluse, here are the most common house spiders, how to identify them, and when to worry about a bite, according to entomologists Daddy longlegs is a term used to refer to three different types of critters, and only one of them is a spider. A common belief is that daddy longlegs spiders are the most venomous spiders in the.

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In Australia, a plucky little spider has once again proved that size doesn't matter by taking on — and beating — a much larger venomous snake, the story of David and Goliath being enacted in the wild. The spindly Daddy Long Legs spider appeared to have come out on top after going head-to-head with a [ Series: Daddy-Long-Legs (1) Orphaned Judy Abbot relates her college adventures in letters to the mysterious benefactor that she calls Daddy-Long-Legs. mybookshelf: Both are classic stories about unusual young women who enjoy writing. Bjace: Partially set at Vassar. Also a story about college friendships Humans tend to find some annoyance with daddy long legs because of their loose spiderwebs. You'll find these webs in garages, sheds, and other sheltered locations of a house. Daddy long legs do not look threatening like other spiders, but their webs can still get in your way. 5) Huntsman Spider In Australia alone, there are more than 100.

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Introduction. These spiders have very long legs like the harvestman. Therefore, they are called Daddy-longlegs. The difference between the daddy-longlegs and the harvestman is that in harvestman the cephalothorax and the abdomen is almost fused together which looks like one structure whereas in daddy longleg spiders the cephalothorax and the abdomen are two distinct features connected by a. Cellar Spiders (Daddy Long-Legs) Cellar Spiders are common house spiders. These typical house spiders have long legs and they like to live in dark places. Long-bodied cellar spiders (Pholcus phalangioides) belong to the family Pholcidae. These spiders also have some of the longest legs of any spider in relation to their body White-tailed spiders may be Australia's most misunderstood animals, caught in a tangled web of myth and hysteria. We take a closer look. Also, daddy-long-legs are more likely to eat white tails Are daddy long-legs venomous? by ABC Triple J. Science Years 7-8 with Diana: Classification and constructing dichotomous keys by ABC Education. Plant scan by Education Services Australia Ltd. It's a drag by Education Services Australia Ltd. What are microbes? by RMIT University. Decoding the platypus genome by ABC Catalys

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Browse 332 daddy long legs spider stock photos and images available, or search for cellar spider to find more great stock photos and pictures. daddy long legs spider (phalangium opilio) - daddy long legs spider stock illustrations. a close up of a daddy long legs spider - daddy long legs spider stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Drag Specialties is the world's largest distributor of aftermarket accessories in the powersports industry

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Daddy long legs spider - Pholcus phalangioides Overall size: up to 45mm. Season: all year round. A large spider, but with a very small greyish body and long thin legs. They prefer the warm and constant temperatures of our homes, garages and sheds, and are rarely found outdoors as they cannot survive winter temperatures DES-MOORE, DES MOORE'S pigeons, MOORE from WESTERN AUSTRALIA, JADE-STAR-LOFTS, AUSTRALIAN-PIGEON'S, AUSTRALIAN-PIGEON CLUBS, AUSTRALIAN-pigeon breeds, PIGEON information from AUSTRALIA, DES MOORES, DES MOORE'S PIGEON DOMAIN, PIGEON- books, RACING-PIGEON-BOOK, AUSTRALIAN-homing pigeons, AUSTRALIAN-HOMING AND RACING PIGEONS, PIGEON book from AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIAN-pigeon information. Daddy long legs, or Huntsmen, are not actually spiders. Something I learned recently hanging out in /r/spiders. They don't have venom glands, or fangs, they can't create silk, and they eat flesh. There are other differences as well

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Daddy-Long-Legs (1912) by: Jean Webster ( epistolary NOVEL ) Jean Webster. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017. ISBN 10: 1543009603 ISBN 13: 9781543009606. Seller: Bayside Books, Ogden, UT, U.S.A. Contact seller Seller Rating: Used - Softcover Condition: VERY GOOD. US$ 3.89. Australian Premiere of Daddy Long Legs - The Musical Sept 26th to Oct 5th. Brisbane Powerhouse Based on the novel by Jean Webster. A snippet about the cast Ella Macrokanis - Jerusha Abbott - just finished back to back shows at the Melt Fesitval (Brisbane Powerhouse) and played Maddie Gallagher on the SBS Safe Harbour mini series Daddy Long Legs, Auckland, New Zealand (Source: Peter Harrison) The term Daddy Longlegs is used to refer to two different animals: opiliones arachnids or harvestmen, and pholcidae, or cellar spiders. Harvestmen generally have the long, thin legs of their name, but their bodies are fused, giving the appearance of one long oval structure View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1993 CD release of Daddy Long Legs on Discogs EasyR Australia offers the largest range of LePera Dyna seats, FX/Big Twin Seats, FXR Seats, Softail Seats, Sportster Seats, and Touring Seats at the lowest prices. For further enquiries, please chat with us online or call us on (07) 3216 2251, and our sales team will happily provide assistance

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1. 1. 5. 5. J ean Webster's 1912 novel about an orphan girl and her mysterious benefactor has cast a long shadow. It spawned a Broadway play and several movies, including one in which, rather. The inimitable Daddy Longlegs & the Swamp Donkeys are pulling up their wagon at the Old Manly Boatshed on Friday 25th June for the official launch of their debut record 'Gut Butter'. There will be stomping. There will be howling. There will be a good times lathered all over. Joining them will be very special guests, Greg Nunan & the General. Browse 249 perfect long legs stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Portrait of the French actress and ballerina Leslie Caron as parentless Julie Andre, in a dancing scene from the musical 'Daddy Long Legs'. USA, 1955 Daddy Long Legs+ Daddy Long Legs 2.0 Daddy Long Legs Ghost Spider S Ghost Spider Rossa Monza Spider, Spider Balero Ghost Spider Si, Si 72, Si Slant Ghost Tour Corza, Ghost Tour Corza 72 Ghost Manta Corza Ghost White Smoke Big Fontana Rossa Corzina . Titleist Scotty Cameron: Futura X Select Dual Balance Putte

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The latest edition of this hugely successful line, TaylorMade's Spider X putters boast a number of new and improved features. Added stability comes from a heavier (320g) steel frame paired with a light (15g) composite sole. Also new is a True Path alignment guide, designed to aid visualization of the intended line