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Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today Besson Laurent Flugelhorn. $1,800.00. $20.00 shipping. Rare! Pre War Besson Flugelhorn !! Grands Prix.. $620.00. $99.20 shipping. or Best Offer What is there to say. This is a Besson Flugelhorn, a 1952 serial number 462350 beauty in excellent condition. The instrument has 99% plus of its ORIGINAL lacquer, Excellent valves, good corks and felts, and NO dents or dings. The instrument was owned and played by studio musician and jazz artist Allen Shaw He has used this soprano flugelhorn in recitals there. This instrument was made in about 1885 and Besson had probably been making similar Eb flugelhorns since the 1860s and continued at least into the first quarter of the twentieth century. It is 12 9/16 long with the mouthpiece removed (11 9/16 from bell rim to curve), the bell rim diameter. The leadpipe is 0.421 large bore as manufactured by French Besson for Boosey & Hawkes, based on a classic 1890 Paris Exposition design. Its valves are top sprung monel pistons with metal interior casings and a lacquered brass exterior, as manufactured by English Besson based on a design by Couesnon & Company

After the Kanstul-Besson affiliation ended, Kanstul sold it as their Model 925 model flugelhorn to continued acclaim. In the 1990's, Kanstul released a new flugelhorn that was a close copy of the F. Besson Breveté flugelhorn which was actually manufactured by Couesnon in the 1950's Besson . 180th anniversary Limited edition models. Our showrooms website Welcome to our world. Besson Brass Instruments Built For Performance. Baritones Cornets Euphoniums Tenor Horns Trombones Trumpets Tubas Accessories. Social Wall. 5, RUE MAURICE BERTEAUX - 78711 MANTES-LA-VILLE - FRANCE. Instruments Cornets Trumpets Baritone

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F. BESSON PARIS MADE IN FRANCE (tiny lettering) I did know that Couesnon purchased the French Besson company in 1957, but wasn't aware that they marketed their own horns under the Besson brand name. The horn probably dates from the early 1960's which would make it possible. It obviously has not lain idle over the years, but it plays like a dream Guide to Flugelhorn Tapers Confused about tapers? Me too! Here's the scoop on flugelhorn mouthpiece tapers. If you are using the wrong taper, you may be experiencing poor intonation and response! • LARGE Morse taper Commonly known as Standard Taper. fits all Yamaha, Getzen, Callet, Stomvi, Benge, King, Blessing, Conn Vintage One, Weril, Holton, Schilke, older Kanstul 1525 flugelhorns, and. The Kanstul-Besson Loyalist. Yes, another copy-cat loyalist site. In the Grand Tradition of the Schilke, Bach, and Conn Loyalist pages, and with a respectful nod of the head to Olds Central, here is all you ever wanted to know about Kanstul made Besson and French Besson trumpets.. This site is primarily about the modern Kanstul made French Besson and Besson trumpets Production moved to Besson plant in Croxley Green (Watford) where Schreiber parts were briefly used (Schreiber and Besson were part of the same company). After a very short spell using Schreiber parts, all Bessons were fully made in house at the 2 facilities and continue to. 2003: B&H sell out to The Music Group: 200

Besson (2) Conn (1) Couesnon (2) Courtois (7) Dillon Music (1 The F2 flugelhorn is the heavy brother of the F1, also with a ML bore but only available with a 170 mm bell diameter and a heavy 535 gram brass valve section. The instrument has standard designer finger buttons in Honduras Rosewood FRENCH (straight) taper Also known as Couesnon Taper, French taper is used by original Couesnons, Flip Oakes Wild Thing, Kanstul CCF 925, and original F. Besson flugelhorns. Important Note: Using the wrong mouthpiece shank/taper WILL slightly affect some and greatly affect other instruments intonation as well as slotting and just the all. The Flugelhorn FH600 also features a two-piece yellow brass bell. There are 3 Monel valves for altering the pitch. Third slide trigger is designed to make the tuning adjustments easier. It comes complete with a mouthpiece and a covered case. Bb Flugelhorn FH600 is amazingly crafted and is excellent both in functioning and outlook Used Besson Brevete Bb flugelhorn in raw brass. Overall fair condition with repair evidence, dings and dents throughout. No case. Add to Cart. Quick view. Used Besson Brevette Cornet (SN: 58195) Besson. $695.00. Used Besson Brevette Bb/A Cornet in silver plate. Instrument includes mouthpiece and 2 leadpipes for high/low pitch The Besson BE947 Sovereign Series Bb Flugelhorn offers a warm and mellow tone with great flexibility. The 947 features a .453-inch bore and a 6.25-inch two-piece bell designed for a quick, easy response and even resistance in all registers

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F. Besson Meha Flugel Horn Test Revie Secondhand Besson Sovereign 'Roundstamp' Bb Flugel Horn. The Flugel Horn is the third instrument in the trumpet family alongside the Cornet and Trumpet and benefits from the same finger configuration. Similarly pitched in Bb, it is commonly used in brass bands, big bands and jazz ensembles as well as being a solo instrument.. The French taper is used by original Couesnons, Flip Oakes Wild Thing, Kanstul CCF 925, and original F. Besson flugelhorns. Important Note: Using the wrong mouthpiece shank/taper will slightly affect some and greatly affect other instruments intonation as well as slotting and just the all around play-ability of the instrument

Used Bach Stradivarius 184ML Bb Cornet SN 444516 $ 1,495.00 Add to cart Used Besson & Co Prototype Bb Cornet $ 400.00 Add to cart Used Besson 700 Bb Cornet SN 800783 $ 995.00 Add to cart Used Carol Brass CFL-9990-RSS-SSL Flugelhorn SN 131072H Mouthpiece for tuba Sib BE186: Deep cup/large fitting 31.25 8.11 8.78. large barrel. backbore gives rich organ-like tone. *Delivered for any purchase of the tubas New Standard 186 (AF) and New Standard 187 (AF). BEM7C-2. Mouthpiece for trumpets BE110: Warm sound with a focused, centered tone. ideal choice for both student and professional Brass instruments Serial Number Yea. Cookie information. This website uses cookies to improve your experience Bought this instrument as a replacement for one of my band members. I think it's just fantastic. Support the creation of new content: https://www.patreon.com..

Besson Trombone Brass Student Band Instrument In Case - No Mouthpiece - As is. $30.00. $45.00 shipping. or Best Offer. 0 bids ·. Ending Saturday at 8:09AM PST The flugelhorn (/ ˈ f l uː ɡ əl h ɔːr n /), also spelled fluegelhorn, flugel horn, or flügelhorn, is a brass instrument that resembles the trumpet and cornet but has a wider, more conical bore. Like trumpets and cornets, most flugelhorns are pitched in B ♭ (some are in C). It is a type of valved bugle, developed in Germany in the early 19th century from a traditional English valveless. Marvin's Flugelhorn. My flugelhorn is a French Besson Model 30-FB, the Laureat. This instrument harks back to the style of flugelhorn made years ago, the highly popular and much sought-after older French Bessons. The tone quality is dark and warm, very attractive, but you can still soar and 'burn' when you want The flugelhorn as you can see doesn't have a main tuning slide like the trumpet. This is where using your cleaning snake with the brush on the end comes in handy. Don't get these felt cushions wet or put valve oil on them as they won't work as well

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  1. The Besson BE947 Sovereign Series Bb Flugelhorn offers a warm and mellow tone with great flexibility. The 947 features a .453-inch bore and a 6.25-inch two-piece bell designed for a quick, easy response and even resistance in all registers. The perfect choice for the player looking for a professional instrument. The Besson BE947 Sovereign.
  2. About This Listing. Great and VERY rare horn. This model from the 40s,50s,60s command high prices. This horn has a few differences in build being older ( it's all explained in the video ) yet plays with the same fantastic full bodied character. Superb original shiny silver plate with only spots where the hand touches the horn showing any wear
  3. Besson Laurent Flugelhorn. Serial #35008. This is a Kanstul-made French Besson. It is in excellent, like-new condition and in need of no repair. It has a 3rd valve slide trigger. Comes with a Bach 3CFL mouthpiece and Protec case. This instrument has been checked over and repaired as needed by the..
  4. I think that he traded me a couple of Besson flugelhorns for my work. Decades later, another collector and jazz enthusiast, Jim Bell asked me the same question and I gave him a similar answer. However, I now have many years of experience bending brass tubing including bells and told him that I was confident that I could make a full size.
  5. Flugelhorn Series. The flugelhorn requires a deeper cup and larger throat than a trumpet or cornet mouthpiece. Based upon our Symphony Series rim and exterior profile, the Flugelhorn Series feature a deep V-shaped cup, large throat and backbore with a small Morse taper shank for a soft, dark tone with excellent clarity. Additional shank options available by special order through our Custom.
  6. Over the last 3 decades, I have played various Flugelhorns including Yamaha, Courtois, Besson, Kanstul Jupiter, Geneva, Kuhnl And Hoyer, etc. Honestly, the list is endless. In fact, I've played so many I forget all of them. I spent many hours over the last few months looking for the best Flugelhorn for under £1000
  7. Flugelhorn Mouthpieces. Flugelhorn mouthpieces are available for every rim size available. They balance well and produce a velvety, clean sound. Three cup depths: FL is a standard-style deep flugel (.750 deep) cup #18 (4.31mm) bore suitable for most work; FLM is a medium-shallow flugel (.625 deep) cup #22 (3.99mm) bore for those that desire a.

They make three flugelhorn models, 137 Tradition, which is the small one, 142 Monopole, and 144 which is the 4 valve version. Production of flugelhorns is about 50-60 a year. An important part of the engraving is the small number (in a circle, or pineapple) which often follows the words on the bell 896 Eterna Flugelhorn Bb Used A used Getzen Eterna Bb flugelhorn featuring a .460 bore, 6 1/2 yellow brass bell, 4 valves, American shank receiver, and silver plate. Used, w/case. $895.00 On Hold Picture: In Stock Model Key Used Descriptio Flugelhorns / Flügelhorns Click on the text below the instrument to show more details. Klicken Sie auf den Text unterhalb des Instruments, um weitere Details anzuzeigen. High-End Willson Bb Flugelhorn €849 Cerveny Bb Rotary Flugelhorn €649 Couesnon Monopole Bb Flugelhorn €849 F. Besson Bb Flugelhorn €749 Schenkelaars Flugelhorn €125 Schenkelaars Sapphire Bb Flugelhorn 2 €125.

BESSON TROMBONE SERIAL NUMBERS ===== 1905 3070 1908 9000 1912 9950 1916 10800 1919 11600 1935 13950 ===== Provided by John Noxon 04/11/2005 BOOSEY & COMPANY ===== Here are Boosey & Co. numbers from 1891 to 1934 YEAR NUMBER YEAR NUMBER. {48344} Flugel horn Stamped on bell 40 MEDALS OF HONOUR within banner / monogram FB / F. BESSON / ``Prototype'' / 198 EUSTON ROAD / LONDON. According to the firm's archives [Besson stock books], the instrument was numbered no later than 30 Sep 1891. [ Auction on eBay ends 2006/Aug/24 19:53:49 BST

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  1. Besson Flugelhorn Kanstul Burbank Flugelhorn Cuesnon Flugelhorn (he prefered this) Al Cass Flugelhorn: His last: Monette B7F (F stands for Farmer, not Flugelhorn) Maynard Ferguson: Selmer, Bach large bore 1952-1953, Martin Committee (on album cover in 1955), Conn Connstellation 38B, Liberator, Holton ST301S in 1972, Holton MF Horn
  2. Besson (1) Denis Wick Euphonium Mouthpieces (37) Classic (9) S M (12) S M Medium shank (8) Ultra (8) Parker (1) Second hand (1) Euphonium mute bags (1) Euphonium mutes (6) Flugel accessories (101) Flugel gig bags (3) Flugel horn cases (2) Flugel horn mute stands (2) Flugel horn mutes (8) Flugel horn stands (1) Flugel maintenance (22) Flugel.
  3. Articles yamaha flugelhorn olds flugelhorn etc. jupiter flugel horn, kanstul flugelhorn ? ebay flugelhorn The best thing about flugelhorn blessing The best thing about flugelhorn mouthpiece - bach flugelhorn or couesnon flugelhorn both getzen flugelhorn and besson flugelhorn and details of b flugelhorn s includes flugelhorn four valve is not used flugelhorn
  4. A flugelhorn mouthpiece is as personal a choice as your trumpet mouthpiece so the same things apply. Feel, range, and timbre are all affected by the depth of the rim contour, cup, throat entrance, backbore, etc. The cup is the biggest difference you'll notice when moving to a flugelhorn mouthpiece. They are much deeper than you are used to.
  5. Besson Brevete Flugelhorn Valves and slides move freely. No damage or repairs. Silver plate is 100
  6. Good used Flugelhorns by Courtois, Couesnon, Besson and/or Selmer usually available, please email for current info. EXAMPLES OF USED AND VINTAGE CORNETS RECENTLY SOLD BY WICHITA BAND INSTRUMENT COMPANY: Courtois Flugelhorn #787X, wears 90% original bright silver finish, chrome pistons are near perfect, small worn spot to #1. No dents or dings.
  7. ster. £293.15

Brand: Besson Model: Prestige BE2028 Serial No.: 082338 Finish: Silver-plated, with gold-plated small parts Condition: Good, incl. original case. Price: € 2.250,00. Hoofdmenu / brass / trumpets / bac handcraft / cornets / flugelhorns / french horns / trombones / euphoniums / tuba Original french BESSON flugelhorn pre war GRAND PRIX model serial 68, dates although they show visible discoloration, compression is great. I'd be happy to help. I have whittled down my BESSON flugel collection to the last 3, which are the best international, please contact me for a shipping quote before bidding Vintage Besson trumpets and more. April 1, 2014 ·. Antoine Courtois B-flat and A. 33. Like Comment Share. Vintage Besson trumpets and more. April 1, 2014 ·. Vintage NY Bach Cornet - made in 1928 - plays beautiful Color: YFG-631GS - Silver Plated. $1,969.99. $2,119.99. Enhance your purchase. The 631G is the traditional Yamaha flugelhorn used by many of the world's leading musicians. The tone is characterized by an extremely round, mellow sound with an abundance of tonal color

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THE MICROTONAL FLUGELHORN Stephen Altoft July, 2020 Introduction The modern valved flugelhorn is descended from the hunting horn, keyed bugle and keyed flugelhorn. They exist with piston valves or, in Germany and Austria, with rotary valves. The flugelhorn is the same length as the Bb trumpet, but has a conical rather than cylindrical bore. I Besson BE928 Sovereign Series Bb Cornet Options available $3,518.00+ View Options; Others may be universally similar in design but with other variations between individual instruments, such as the flugelhorn, which may have three or four valves, or the trombone,. Yamaha YFH 631G Series Bb Flugelhorn. This Yamaha YFH-631G Professional Flugelhorn features traditional vertical valve tubing with Monel pistons that are resistant to corrosion and retain precise fit and smooth action over many years. Hand-lapped pistons and slides ensure an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or.

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  1. Besson 700 Series Bb Euphonium €1499. Very nice and good 4-valve euphonium from Besson. The euphonium has just had a service, so the valves slide smoothly and the tuningslides are all loose. The euphonium also has water conductors. Because the Besson euphonium is silver plated it only needs a cloth once in a while and it shines like before
  2. Ishibashi Music Corporation. All Right Reserved. Something went wrong. View cart for details
  3. Besson Flugelhorn, there are a few marks on the front cover, but the music inside is clean. elkhart a vincent bach flugelhorn. Details: mutes, besson, trumpet, humes, berg, dennis, wick, plus, booster, olds. Bedford. See complete description. Notify me before the end of the auction.
  4. Besson cornets are highly regarded for their classic British brass band sound profile. Their top-of-the-line Prestige and Sovereign models cost upwards of $3,000-4,000 new, so this 1000 series model is a great way to get your foot in the door without paying an arm and a leg
  5. Vintage Besson trumpets and more. 1 April 2014 ·. Millereau Cornet 1301 Beautiful little goodie. Millereau was a Foreman at Besson Factory prior to starting His own Business-So His instruments are the top of the line. +3
  6. Besson New Standard Flugelhorn in Frosted Silver for Spares / Repair. Condition is For parts or not working. Valve felts need replacing - but valves 2+3 don't unscrew. Lower caps 1+3 don't unscrew. 1st and 2nd slides stuck. No mouthpiece. Case in poor repair inside and out - one catch not working. Case is however heavy and protective

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The current Wedge flugelhorn mouthpiece system consists of a top and screw on backbore. This system lets you use your top on different flugelhorns requiring different shanks, and also with your trumpet or cornet using the appropriate special shank. Compatible with: French Besson, Couesnon, Flip Oakes, Kanstul CCF 925, 725, Miraphone French Besson C Trumpet. Starting at $109/mo with Affirm. Prequalify now. Besson has a long storied history of making some of the most desirable brass instruments in the market. Over the years, locations have changes, builders have developed and horns have been forged with the mindset to make a beautiful instrument for all playing styles and. For all your questions or for some expert advise. Consultations, shop visits, and lessons by appointment. Phone (619) 401-2828. Contact Stev Besson Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Mutes And Mouthpieces. Condition is used. Silver plated. 8 Mutes, mostly Humes and Berg. Mouthpieces: Dennis Wick plus booster, Olds 7C, Rudy Muck 19C, Al Cass 3 x 5 (quite rare), Yamaha YT250 electronic tune

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A tunable bell French Besson model 92BA that he designed for Boosey & Hawkes. It is the original prototype for the new French Bessons and French Besson Lightweight-reverse leadpipe trumpets that are now produced by B&H. Now (2005): Yamaha New York French Besson flugelhorn, Model 30-FB, the Laurea Review (mpn: BE-947 for sale) BE-947 BEautiful BESSON Sovereign 947 Gold Lacquered Professional Flugelhorn Case. It is a joy to play and in great condition. BESSON sovereign BE-947 professional flugelhorn a BEautiful featuring three spit valves, and dual first slide third triggers. The low rate shipping is for lower 48 us states only

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  1. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Flugelhorn at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip to main content. Shop by category. Shop by category. Enter your search keyword F. Besson Flugelhorn. C $1,217.14 + shipping + shipping + shipping. 1956-65 Vintage A. Courtois Flugelhorn S# 5461.
  2. Various manufacturers have different dimensions to the receivers on their flugelhorn instruments. The standard for the Vacchiano line is the same as that used for Bach and Kanstul instruments.. All models are available with the alternative larger Y taper found on Yamaha, Benge, Getzen, Blessing and Jupiter instruments or with the French taper found on Cousenon, Besson and others
  3. The Kanstul Story In 1981, Zigmant Kanstul founded Kanstul Musical Instruments, building fine brasswinds both under his own name and for venerable marques like F. Besson. But the story didn't start there. Zig's career as a brassmaker began in 1952, at F.E. Old
  4. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Besson 3 Valve Silver Plated Flugelhorn at the best online prices at eBay

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Here is a classic english Besson Class A New Standard Brevete Flugelhorn . This horn is silverplated and in good condition. Serial number is 241555.The valves are smooth and fast with good compression. All slides and screws are free Flugelhorn - BESSON SALVATION ARMY FLUGELHORN. Instrument: Flugelhorn: Flugelhorn listing type: For Sale: Instrument number: 26782: Flugelhorn listed: before 2019: Price (US Dollars) $650: Description: Flugelhorn - BESSON SALVATION ARMY FLUGELHORN This is not a current listing. See more flugelhorns

Flugelhorn: 50's French Besson Brevette with English Besson valves Made in France with a number 4 mouth piece - this was Art's favorite flugelhorn You can try 10 different #4's and each will sound different. A mouthpiece is just a thing that connects the musician to the horn. It has to fit just right Let me start saying that I know absolutely nothing about Flugelhorns. I was given this in a trade (a nice lady wanted a Conn transitional alto saxophone..

Besson makes some of the best-sounding instruments available on the market. However, these instruments also tend to have intonation issues. For this reason, I tend to avoid recommending a Besson instrument to a beginner student. When you're looking for the best flugelhorn for your jazz or brass band music you may feel a.. Jacek Magoń GAMONBRASS Ul. Harcerska 2 37-100 Łańcut Tel. +48 784 061 42 Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) Serial Number List 1974-2002 This chart is primarily intended to help with the identification of Sovereign Cornets but will help with Identifying other Boosey and Hawkes made brass instruments. Serial numbers are in the format 928-817061 Our flügelhorns have earned a reputation among top artists that has established them as a reference for the industry. The development of valve instruments can be divided into two categories—instruments of pure descent: trumpet, trombone and horn; and those whose further development required the introduction of valves. The flügelhorn is one of these. Neither as flexible i

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Eclipse - leading the way since 1999. Perfection in Trumpets, Cornets and Flugelhorns Search our extensive catalogue of musical instruments and musical instruments equipment, pianos, guitars, keyboards and so long. You can find here every musical instrument you can imagine. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about RARE Vintage Pre - RARE VINTAGE PRE-WAR I F.BESSON PARIS BREVETE GRANDS PRIX FLUGELHORN YEAR 1908 Mute For Flugelhorn & Alto Trombone Straight model, Made entirely from aluminium. Straight model. Made entirely from aluminium. $47. Product page Denis Wick Only Flugelhorn Mutes of Denis Wick. Available immediately. Available immediately. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. Standard Delivery Times

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Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies All Things Flugel Horn. From this page you can shop our range of Flugel Horns from all the best brands including Getzen, Yamaha, Conn, Windcraft and more. We also sell a wide selection of Flugel Horn accessories such as valve oil, flugel horn stands, cases and mutes. 4.9/5. Independent Service Rating based on 1251 verified reviews

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Intermediate Series German style rotary valve, Bb Flugelhorn, Gold-brass, Bell: 151.8mm (6), Bore size MS: 11.00mm (0.433), 3rd valve slide trigger, Finish: Clear. The F4 Flugelhorn comes equipped as standard with a 4th valve. This Flugelhorn has a 6 inch (160 mm) diameter and is available with a ML bore offering the player a virtuosic instrument with good core strength. Specifications. Bell: Red Brass (+ nickel silver flare) - 160 mm; Bore: Valve 1-2-3: ML 10.5, 4th valve: 11.5 mm; Finish: Lacquer. Besson was founded in 1837 and is one of the well-known brass instruments manufacturers. They produce baritones, cornets, euphoniums, tenor horns, trombones, trumpets and tuba's. Besson strives for continuous improvement and therefore quality is of outmost importance. Below is a list of product categories of the brand Besson Trumpets Bb Trumpets Bb trumpets are at home in any settings, from studio to big band, concert band, chamber group, or orchestra. Bb Trumpets Bb trumpets a

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Besson BE1000 Performance Series Bb Trumpet. Item # 1431018; Model # BE111-1-0; Conceived to offer the tonal benefits of the existing Besson brass family to the student musician, the Besson 1000 Series trumpets are free blowing, well balanced and comfortable for the young player, Learn More. $1,077.00. Availability: In Stock & Ready to Shi Professional Black Nickel Flugelhorn Monel Valve Bb Fluge Horn 2Pc Mouth W/Case. PHP 16,554.68. Free postage. or Best Offer. Only 2 left. YAMAHA YTR 639 TRUMPET (as YTR 6345),GREAT CONDITION,READY TO PLAY!; TROMBA As new, this instrument has come to us with original receipts as being bought new in October 2020. Except for a very minor hidden lacquer blemish, this instrument could be mistaken for brand new. Comes with all accessories. The Prestige 2051 and 2052 euphoniums feature the main tuning slide trigger system and unique lead pipe design and are the instruments of choice for many of the world's. Please click on the links above to choose your instrument category. The instrument listings are updated on a weekly basis. The majority of instruments for sale are top of the range professional models and makes/brands include: Boosey & Hawkes Imperial. Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign. Besson Sovereign. Besson Prestige. Besson International 700 series Flugelhorn, takođe spelovan flugel rog, ili flegelrog, limeni duvački je instrument koji podseća na trubu i kornet ali ima, u većoj meri konusni otvor. Poput truba i korneta, većina flugelhorna je postavljena u B ♭ (neki su u C). To je tip ventilskog roga, razvijen u Nemačkoj početkom 19. veka od tradicionalnog engleskog roga bez ventila.Prvu verziju raga sa ventilima prodao je.

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The world's finest musical instruments - Shop online or visit us at 3/158 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. Ph 02 9557 4588. Sydney's leading brass and woodwind supplier of cornets and flugelhorns from Carol Brass, Stomvi, Yamaha, Besson, Cambridge and mor A non-tapered French-sized shank with 10mm OD fits Couesnon and some other European brands including F. Besson 15BF Brevette, F. Besson 60 MF-Meha, plus Flip Oakes-Kanstul, and Kanstul CCF 925. Jerome Callet Superchops mouthpieces with French-sized shank include a C at the end of the model name; these are available by special order only Buy cornet getzen, flugelhorn mouthpiece depends entirely on cornet leblanc, bach flugelhorn trumpet tab, couesnon flugelhorn Flugelhorn blessing free music online sheet trumpet, getzen flugelhorn etc. trumpet player, besson flugelhorn and audition music trumpet university, b flugelhorn s

Many of the world's leading brass bands choose and trust the Besson Sovereign cornet. The Besson Sovereign 928GT cornet features a main tuning slide trigger, and is available with a 1st valve slide trigger as 928G. SKU: BE928GT-2-0 Categories: Instruments, Brass Instruments, Cornets, Bb Cornets. Brand. Besson Besson Euphonium 3+1 Sib serie Be1065-Argenté. Tuba/Euphonium/Saxhorn. Besson BE60 BESSON 1000 BASS Bb 3 The euphonium is a medium-sized, 3 or 4-valve, often compensating, conical-bore, tenor-voiced brass instrument that derives its name from the Ancient Greek word εὔφωνος euphōnos, meaning well-sounding or sweet-voiced (εὖ eu means well or good and φωνή phōnē means sound, hence of good sound). The euphonium is a valved instrumen

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Trombone - Herb Besson, Michael Davis. Trumpet, Flugelhorn [Flugal Horn] - Jim Hayes (6), Tony Kadleck. Viola - Dawn Hannay, Nick Cords*, Vivek Kamath. Violin - Dan Reed (2), Suzanne Ornstein. Arranged By - Thom Bell. Baritone Saxophone - Roger Rosenberg. Cello - Eileen Moon 6. Thomann TRF-56 Flugelhorn. £568. 92. Thomann FH 600 Bb-Flugelhorn. £215. 8. B&S 3017/2TR-L Bb Flugelhorn. £1,639

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Staff pick - Staff Pick. Schagerl Schagerl James Morrison Meister Flugelhorn - Bronze Bell. $7,795.00. Out of stock. Add to Wish List. Compare. Yamaha Yamaha YTR4335GSII Intermediate Trumpet - Silver Plated (YTR-4335GSII) $1,449.00. In stock Others Trade For Hope Behind every single product from Others lies a unique story - of skills, pride, hope and independence. Producers are recruited through The Salvation Army's local programs in Bangladesh and Kenya. View More • Around 1600 people today have an important source of income through our production.• A name change has happened [ Welcome to Duchy Brass. A business based in the South West of England, near Redruth, Cornwall specialising in the retail of professional and intermediate level brass musical instruments at affordable prices. At Duchy Brass I have one of the largest collections of brass musical instruments in the UK but if you cannot find a particular instrument. Besson Cornet Spare Parts. Bb Besson (UK Made) Cornet Spare Parts. Besson 622/723 Series Cornet Spare Parts. Besson 721 New Standard Cornet Spare Parts. Besson 927/928 Sovereign Cornet Spare Parts. Besson India BE1020 S/P Cornet Spare Parts. Besson Prestige 2028 Cornet Spare Parts

Andy Taylor model | Brass instrument, Orchestral percussionBesson Tuba Be794 Serial number 876606 | Reverb1920's Bb/A Conn - View topic: Trumpet Herald forumBesson Tuba Be794 Serial number 876606 | Legenda Music